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Closet Purge – for real!

I have far too many clothes. Correction – far too many clothes that I NEVER wear. Now that I no longer have a bureau, all my clothes and shoes and accessories are disseminated into half a large closet that Sig-O and I share. It started off pretty neat and tidy but it has raged out of control and it is finally time to purge!

I’ve done clothing purges before. But this time is different. I like to think I have a style; I tend to go for classic pieces and clean lines, cardigans, pencil skirts, and the like. However, I also like a fair amount of funk in my clothing choices i.e., offbeat colors and prints. I also have a fair amount of clothing that just plain does not fit and I hang onto it in hopes of getting to a tailor. 

The result is me feeling both under and overwhelmed every time I open my closet to get dressed in the morning. I have a few staple outfits from season to season but I need to re-evaluate big time…lately I have felt very schlumpy and not put together like I normally do.

So, goals!

– purge as much clothing as possible, and donate what is salvageable (a lot of it!) If I haven’t worn it in the past year, IT GOES. 

– put a bag together of TAILOR items, mostly pants and bottoms and ACTUALLY follow through on bringing it to a tailor!

– STOP BUYING CHEAP CRAP CLOTHING. The cheap crap clothing fits once and never fits right again.

– Go thrifting and replenish closet with QUALITY LABEL BASICS, tees, pants for work and play,

– AGAIN I REITERATE STOP BUYING CHEAP CRAP. When shopping, stick to basics that will work in multiple settings and climates … buy the occasional trendy item but don’t overspend. 

– STOP BUYING HEELS. I rarely wear them. 

Keira at A Pretty Penny, one of my favorite blogs, recently purged her closet with great success. She says it makes getting dressed in the AM much easier. She also put herself on a very realistic budget for spending on clothing etc. I have the opposite problem; I need to stop underspending and actually spend the money and get quality stuff. Still can get a great deal but need to spend the money!


…TTFN ta ta for now. Will keep you posted on how this whole thing goes! 


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