Well, crap!

Okay so I am happy to admit that I am on top of my life – work is good, school is good, home life/family are good. Knock on wood, my mom’s health issues have disappeared which is a great relief.

I admit a little sheepishly that this blog isn’t exactly priority number one to me anymore. Doesn’t even score top five. So, no offense, dear readers (all half dozen of you) but don’t be on the edge of your seat waiting for an update from me! You are honestly better off following me on Instagram – username meghtini 🙂 

So what have I been up to since January? Well, started back to school. Two classes- one online, one on campus. Realized I am only 3-ish courses and a practicum away from a Master’s in Special Education. Just gotta get my ducks in a row, take an MTEL, line up a practicum (somehow haha) and apply for licensure. But feels pretty good I must say. 

Celebrated at my BFF’s baby shower last weekend – all sorts of craft and food goodness ensued! It was so nice to see her, her family and meet some new peeps as well! So excited for the little nugget’s arrival!

I turned 28 at the beginning of March, meaning the crunch is on to get a few things accomplished by 30. I say that half-joking, but gotta get the Master’s before trying for babies, and ideally be at least in the process of getting a home at that time. I can’t imagine having more than just an infant at our current apartment (which we love and will be sad to leave but…) I’ve always been a very goal oriented person, setting guidelines and mini-goals. It’s good but I’m trying to modulate it a bit. Get the job done but also pump new and exciting experiences and places into it as well. 

Sig-O and I recently made a pact that we are going to have more fun. It sounds silly but really, we had some fun in our early relationship but then unfortunately things got pretty heavy with us getting engaged (good heavy!) his dad passing away (bad heavy) and trying to plan our wedding (stress heavy). We went to Portland for Valentines’ Day which is always a great time, and we are taking a road trip to my other BFF’s house in Florida over April vacation which I am soooo looking forward to. Been swimsuit shopping which is a whole other issue but hey, sacrifices must be made! Plus I did find a super cute high waisted swimsuit bottom on Etsy that I plan on snagging. Side note: Sig-O wants to go zip lining and ride dirtbikes. I’m open minded and I will keep you posted on those developments haha. 

I currently have the streptacoccus (sounds like a type of dinosaur if you didn’t know any better!) – felt lousy yesterday, stayed home today and hit the Minute Clinic at CVS. Great in a pinch when you don’t want to worry about getting in at the doc. Strep test was done in 6 minutes – tested positive (doc even said my throat looked really ANGRY lol), so I am on penicillin for 10 days and considered contagious for the next 24 hours. So no work today or tomorrow which is a bummer, but it is MCAS season which means not a lot of kiddos to actually SEE anyways since they are all testing. So, good timing, immune system!

Did some MCAS coverage early yesterday at the middle school which is one site I don’t work at – so got to see my kiddos from last year and the year before. They were all pumped to see me which felt so nice, staff too that I don’t see much anymore. Felt all warm and fuzzy, got lots of hugs. Possibly where the strep came from but hey – what can ya do!

Little man kitty is snoozing on the bed as I type away. Official first day of Spring, and with temps in the high 40s here in good ole Taunton, Massachusetts and no visible signs of snow or snow leftovers…I think we are finally on our way to actually experiencing spring! Got my seeds all ready to go, gotta prep my tomatoes and peppers indoors then transfer outside … gonna get some window boxes and plastic buckets and godammit, we are gonna have some fresh veggies, strawberries and flowers this year! 

Happy happy happy!



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