Holy Moly Batman!

Well, so much for regularly updating! To be honest, I’ve had other things come up. Here is a quick update/Happy New Year post.

– my mom is having some health issues that we are trying to get to the bottom of. I don’t want to get into detail on here but any positive thoughts, prayers, whatever, sent her way would be much appreciated. 

– closet slimdown … kinda hit a wall haha. I did toss two huge bags of clothes, and plan to go back through my closet again since I still get up in the morning and look at it like I have nothing to wear.

– got my hair chopped! I took the plunge and got it chopped into a Carey Mulligan inspired ‘do. I am very happy with the result, the only downside is I have to take a quick rinse in the AM before getting started since it gets mushed and pushed overnight sleeping and  I look like a crazy person first thing if I don’t. I feel very chic, semi-French and I feel like it suits my emerging wardrobe (mostly classic with some bold prints etc) much better. 

– Thanksgiving and Christmas were good. I got some great gifts for Christmas. Sig-O got me The America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook, seasons 01-current, so I have been going directly to that for recipes rather than Googling them. I am requesting the Smitten Kitchen and Budget Bytes cookbooks for my berfday coming up in March. Made homemade potstickers and orange chicken for New Years’, and am planning on making Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguinon next week! I’d say, stay tuned but can’t promise I’ll update here in a timely fashion :/ You’re best bet is to follow me on Instagram @meghtini since I tend to photograph everything I cook/bake and of course, Mr. Seabee, our kitty.

-my bestie is expecting a baby girl sometime in late April which is uber exciting 🙂 have been doing some homework about that as well!


All in all, can’t complain. Looking forward to what 2014 brings!


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