Chasing Time

In years past, I always complained about daylight savings time, especially in the fall. 

“It makes the day go by SOOOO slow” … and those kinds of comments.

Not anymore my friends, not anymore! I am thankful to have this extra hour, especially this weekend. Did I tell you I am selling pies? Well if I did not, I have been selling pies since September, through work and family and friends. Must admit, it does eat up a fair chunk of my weekend but the $ and the self-satisfaction make up for it. Three pies this weekend folks, a shoo fly Pennsylvania Dutch pie, an apple ginger crumb pie and a French Silk Pie. I also made two buttermilk pies for a benefit for my sister-in-law the other night. Next on the docket? Making my own pasta. Wanted to try that out this weekend but just ran out of time, NBD, next weekend I shall follow through.

Speaking of, Sig-O and I have been flooded with family members and friends being sick, and in/out of the hospital. My mom, my sister-in-law, my brother-in-law’s mom, my BFF’s mom; and I just found out a great aunt of mine has lung cancer. And what can we really do for them besides be supportive (and in my case, bake my little heart out). It is just a sucky situation all around and I struggle sometimes to not let the suckyness, well, suck the life out of me. I find I have to seek out a little bit of straight up happiness related to something several times a day to perk me up, because a sad Meg is not a very productive or happy Meg, and really the people I love and care for (and myself of course) deserve to get the best Meg possible, as much as possible. Not to say I’m Sally Sunshine because to be honest, people like that drive me buggy, (“turn that frown upside down!” *insert image of me running away and screaming*)… but ya know what I mean? To be the best, most supportive, helpful, kind, whatever person – it’s necessary to take a moment, or several moments a day to recharge and perk yourself back up, instead of running yourself ragged. There is no shame or selfishness in that.

Update on my closet makeover/slimdown: have two stuffed garbage bags FULL of clothing that for the most part, has been barely worn and mostly is stuff that fits awkwardly or is too large. Debating trying to pawn some off on my similar sized friends, or just taking it and dumping it at my local Salvation Army. Thoughts? 

I did some thrifting the other day, with a goal in mind. Pants. I have the hardest time finding pants/capris etc. that fit because

A.) I’m tall

B.) but I’m not ridiculously tall

C.) Like many other women I’m sure, I have a somewhat unique shape. I generally have to get a size 12-14-even 16 sometimes to get the pants up over my butt/hips/thigh area, but then my waist is smaller so I am constantly playing the PULL UP MY PANTS game which is no fun. Belt you say? Ughhhhh. I think I have sensory issues because I can’t tolerate wearing a belt for more than an hour or so.

D.) I am just straight up picky about pants. I don’t do wide legs anymore, but I don’t want to feel like a stuffed sausage in slim cut pants. 

Really I need to find a good tailor, but I won’t stop the search for perfect pants! I went to my local Salvation Army after work the other day and JUST looked for pants. Must have brought in 30 pairs to the dressing room with me, all good brands like GAP, NY &CO, Banana Republic, Talbots etc. Ended up with two pairs that fit, one a slim cut pair of magenta colored dressy jeans, of a no name brand go figure, and a pair of beauteous grey slim boot-cut Banana Republic dress pants. Originally in store probably well over $50. For me, originally $12.99 and yellow tags were half off, so I got them for SIX FITTY. BOO YAH. 

I also used some coupons before they expired at JCP and got two Joe Fresh sweaters and a pair of slim cut black pants. For $25. YEE HAW. 

I am trying very hard to avoid prints and colors that won’t mix and match with other stuff, and instead stick to classic colors, specifically a lot more neutrals. I work in Deaf Education as a speech therapist so I don’t have to adhere to the neutral colors that my interpreter friends do (for ease of visual, light skinned terps wear dark colors, dark skinned terps vice versa) … sometimes I give my Deaf and Hard of Hearing co-workers headaches with the bright colors and prints I wear.

I also am going to invest in a full length mirror so I can take photos of days where I put together an outfit I really like and that I am comfortable and confident in. I know a lot of friends on InstaGram who #ootd or #wiwt, so I think I am going to jump on that bandwagon once I get a full length mirror. Which I should have around anyways. 

Anyhoo, off to deliver some pies! Toodle loo. 


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