On The Cusp

It is time to shit or get off the pot.

What a way to begin a post huh? Most of you know I am enrolled in a graduate program to get my Master’s in Special Education. That is all well and good but I am coming close to hitting a wall with the program because I am required to do a practicum. Problem is, said practicum means me taking a 8 week or more sabbatical from my current full time job. I am working on trying to be able to get it done within my regular work day, but it boils down to me not currently teaching, but doing speech pathology. The two are not mutually exclusive. Hence the wall.

I’m debating whether or not to even continue the program. Do I even want to be a Special Education teacher? I’m not sure. Could I do it and do it well? – Yes. But do I want to stare at the same four walls for 8-10 hours every day? Not really. Part of my job right now that I like, most days anyway, is that I travel between schools and sites.

In high school I briefly toyed with the idea of becoming a court reporter/stenographer. I am looking into it again for several reasons.

– essentially an Associate’s degree

– I could complete it on-line

– there is a local community college where I could get certified to do C-Print which would open up job opportunities working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

– still requires a practicum but a seemingly more manageable one

I’m still checking into it and seeing if it is even realistic that I follow through with it. I’m scared but being scared is good. I can’t stay at my current job forever, and Sig-O and I want to have kids in the next 3-5 years, so it is time to make a decision and get in line with a job that I could see myself doing for a long time. I’ve been about 5 years in at my current position and I already feel burnt out some days. Becoming a teacher might just be going from the pot into the fire.

We shall see…my sister in law keeps telling me I should open up my own bakery but I am just paranoid of doing so and failing miserably. I know I make good stuff but the rate I see bakeries going out of business nowadays…not so sure.

SIGH – I still don’t feel like a grown up!!!



Moment of clarity? When I saw how much a 2 year degree to become a court reporter would run me about $30,000 depending on which online school I chose. Decision made: sticking with Master’s in Special Education. Excellent job prospects, great pay, perks of having vacations and summers off, long weekends etc…and let’s face it – I do like working with children (most days :P) Maybe a book nook/bakery down the line a ways … 🙂



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3 responses to “On The Cusp

  1. The Bird

    The Law of Attraction and prosperity! Cast your vision and intentions out to the Universe… It will come true with a little action planning.

  2. Bakeries are fun, but there are SO many popping up everywhere now, especially with the whole gourmet cupcake thing.. But it would be fun.

  3. I think the market is just oversaturated with that kind of stuff right now. I’ll wait for it to die down a bit 😉

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