Instagram Junkie

I have a problem. Upon entering the wondrous world of Instagram – I’ve gone a little nutty. I take photos of everything and really enjoy flipping through the filters. I photograph Seabee, baking/cooking tangents, drinks, flowers, scenery … you name it – I’ve at least thought about taking a picture of it. So if you are following me, I apologize. If there is such a thing as Instagram etiquette, or really, any pointers for hashtagging etc… don’t be shy.

Sig-O’s cousin is getting married in approximately two weeks. I have a closet full of casual, appropriate for work/going out dresses, but not really anything that a.) screams at me to wear it and b.) is appropriate for a nighttime summer wedding. I guarantee a lot of people will show up in capris and go casual, but it will be the first big social occasion with Sig-O and I stepping out as husband and wife, and the first time a lot of extended family will meet me … so selfish moment here: I want to look good. Not outshine the bride of course, but I want to look good. My mom came by today and made quick work of demanding to see what I had in my closet, and confirming that only 1-2 dresses would work for my purposes. She also poo poo-ed my idea of wearing separates; i.e. a nice top and pencil skirt combo. We cruised dresses online, JCP, Macy’s, Old Navy, Ann Taylor, and a few other websites with no luck until giving Lord & Taylor a go. Surprisingly, I found a couple options that fit my picky tastes (AKA I like classic pieces that don’t leave my goods all hanging out!) and budget. Two dresses are en route to me as we speak. If neither works, I’ll most likely end up going the separates route. (Sorry, Ma!) I’ll be sure to post a pic of each once they arrive.

If I neglected to mention, Sig-O and I are both in our close friends’, Dave & Anna’s wedding in October. They live in Washington State now, and are getting married here in Mass so it has been quite the undertaking, never mind the fact that Dave is in the military and was stationed earlier this year, and Anna still held down a job in Boston so they lived apart for quite a few months. Dave is a longtime close friend of Sig-O, and Anna has been a great addition to my small but QUALITY circle of friends, so we are thrilled to be included in theirs 🙂 So to tie in to my previous paragraph, if I can get a few nice dresses under my belt, they won’t go to waste since I will have to find things to wear to her bridal shower, bachelorette and rehearsal dinner. 


PS – Watch for more Instagram photos. We have a BBQ pizza en route, and I picked up Shipyard Brewery’s Smashed Pumpkin yesterday. Oh! and our lovely photographer sent us our 400 something photos on a CD … need to get them up in my Walgreens online album for selected parties to view.


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3 responses to “Instagram Junkie

  1. I think the key to Instagram is that unless you’re trying to become an internet sensation- there is no key. And finding clothes for occasions is so hard; I have a few of those key piece dresses and I never wear them.

  2. Oh, BTW, love adding an Instagram feed! I might borrow that idea..

  3. lol thank you for the Instagram confirmation … I figured everybody was just doing their own thing anyways.

    Yes please steal away! I actually saw it on another blog, and looked under my widgets and there it was!

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