Back in the saddle again …

So I’ve started putting together some materials for the upcoming school year. Namely, taking a jaunt to Michaels and cruising their clearance sections and scrapbook paper sections. Goal? To make my cramped, windowless office that I share with about 5 other staff (no joke!) – a “happy spot”. After the past two years, which have been fraught with outside of work stress, plenty of inner work stress and a whole lot of job frustration – and seeing as this is our last year in our current district before we get the good ole heave ho; I want to have a GOOD year. Professionally, personally, and all over. 

Purpose of scrapbook paper – cover bland, cinderblock walls. I bought some leafy, realistic forest print for my co-worker’s side of the room since she is very earthy…I bought myself a plethora of bright green striped papers, and some funky print with a navy background. Have already printed off calendars for the year, started putting together daily organizational type stuff (listening checks, hearing aid/CI and FM system log in/log out, weekly IEP minutes log) because goddamit! It’s gonna be a good year!

In other news: 

– I have been baking bread up a storm. Been a poor food photographer however; results never fail to amaze. Trying my hand at making my own tortillas today to go with fajitas. Had to buy lard which was comical – no one in the market knew where to find it, and they had to call the big man upstairs. Now I am saddled with a whole pound of it and debated subbing in butter or oil or shortening … but if you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it right and the recipe comes from a person I trust (Budget Bytes FTW!) so off I go with that later today.

– met with my advisor at the college. Ironed out details i.e. what to take so I can do my practicum ASAP and actually get out there teaching. I have to serve two gods really – the gods of Licensure Requirements and the gods of Degree Requirements. Before I was picking one course from each per semester because I wanted to finish the degree and practicum altogether then teach. Now that my job and program I work for looks to be a bit up in the air to say the least- priority is to get my practicum done so I can go and teach and then continue to take courses until I satisfy the degree requirements and can walk for graduation. Got it? Good because I finally do haha. 

– I don’t generally find myself to be on a soapbox very often – in fact my career has made me all the better at actually standing up and saying something when I feel the need since it’s for the children or funding for said career etc. But I saw on the news the other night at the gym, that the FDA is considering changing the standard identity for milk. AKA it’s not just stuff that comes out of a cow and gets pasteurized etc. There is a petition going around for the admission of aspartame, sucralose whatever CRAP FAKE SUGAR you want to call it … to be added to milk ( 1% & 2% varieties at this point) but no labeling saying such crap sugar is in it. The thinking is that it will lure children away from sugary sodas and juices. That is idiotic since we, yes, have an obesity issue in this country, and yes kids need to be swayed AWAY from crap drinks but then you’re going to take another healthy option and turn it to shit ??? AND NOT PUT IT ON THE LABEL!? 

Don’t get me wrong, people should be READING the ingredients list of everything regardless. I’ve gotten much better about doing that – and the less ingredients and more simple they are, the better off for you. But this will just compound the issue of obesity in this country. All those fake sugars and fats and whatever – they don’t help, they harm more than anything. You are better off eating the more natural substance even if it is supposedly “bad for you” (real butter, real sugar, real fats). 

On another note – this change would create a very slippery slope since if the FDA can do that, why won’t they try it with tons of other food we eat? It’s probably already happening to a degree – but people are actually signing petitions to change the standard identity of milk. Holy crap.

If you feel like I do – feel free to sign the petition at the link below. 

Say No To Hidden Ingredients in Milk

– oh, and here is another link. Food for thought regarding raising children.

TTFN ta ta for now!

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