Sweet relief!

Can I just tell you how much I love today? It’s been overcast, raining off and on since early this morning, and temps aren’t getting much above 70 degrees F. All the windows in our little domicile (sp?) are wide open, letting some much needed cool/fresh air in. I’m off all day today, re-organizing closets, being artsy-fartsy, getting a jump on impending school-year stuff and baking another loaf of bread (Sally Lunn to be specific!). More details on the loaf of bread in another post methinks (saw a quote somewhere that read “even bad homemade bread is still good!”). Oh, and I have the cutest cat in the world to hang out with as well. OH OH- and I finally got my contract issue resolved last week. Turns out they sent it to the wrong address (not sure why it didn’t forward, thanks local P.O.?); the woman that takes care of billing and a lot of organizing at the collaborative was oddly enough, just wondering why I hadn’t signed and returned my contract since “you are usually one of the first I get back!” Ahhhhh, glad I was just being paranoid about not getting one.

Played around with the blog layout as well. Still sticking with the same layout as you can see obviously, but did change the top photo – much as I love those birdhouses, was time for something new! The current photo is of my shoes (a favorite and popular subject of photography for me) standing near a manhole cover on our honeymoon in Portland. Note the lovely brickwork! And the zigzag pattern on my shoes of course.

Speaking of Portland. Sig-O and I, along with his sister and brother in law are headed to Maine in a few weeks to soak up some Maine air at his uncle’s cabin in the boonies. To our good fortune, the cabin in the boonies is in decent proximity to Portland (only about an hour away), so we are going to take a day trip with them to share our love of the city, which will include extensive eating, milling about with little to no purpose, and hopefully hitting a few of the landmarks we missed on our honeymoon. Commence photos of proposed repeat destinations…

HoneyMoon 095

HoneyMoon 096

HoneyMoon 065

HoneyMoon 038



Baked goods in last photo courtesy of Two Fat Cats Bakery, on our proposed list, as well as DUCKFAT which I can’t seem to drum up any photos of currently. The Holy Donut is also top of our list to revisit.  (OH and JOY – my godmother/aunt, mom and myself will be baking YET ANOTHER trip to Portland sometime in September. Do I love this city or what?!)

OH OH OH – and I have decided to go back to graduate school in the spring. For one class to test the waters (being that the wedding hoopla is behind me, I should be fine). I have all of five classes and a practicum left to go in order to get my Master’s in Special Education, and with things being how they are, you never know what can happen. This fall I am going to work on greasing the wheels of flexibility with respect to the folks at the college and see exactly how much leeway I can get on this practicum deal (6 weeks of student teaching- mandatory!) since I do have a full time job and a caseload that I am responsible for. Can’t take a 6 week leave of absence that’s for sure.

A Master’s Degree is an investment of both time and money, but is a worthwhile one. Especially since the program I work for has this upcoming year left in the current district and there is no word yet of where our “new home” will be. Love my job, but it’s always good to be prepared. Unfortunately in the field of Deaf Education, programs and schools for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing move, close down, re-open etc. and staff are often let go, displaced or just plain out of jobs.

Happy, goal-oriented, organized, efficient and productive are the key words for this coming work year,  a.k.a. MAKIN’ SHIT HAPPEN!

Of course, HAPPY can be applied across all settings 🙂

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