AS FREEEE AS THE WIND BLOWSSSSSSS, AS FREE ASSS THE GRASSS GROWSSSSS…ahhhh the mellow sounds of Mr. Andy Williams (it’s either this tune or “IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OFFF THE YEARRRRR” that rings through many a teacher/educationally employed person’s head this time of year)

As you may have noticed, I’ve been out of work for a few days. Last Wednesday was my official last day, turned in all my paperwork, all the kiddos’ FMs and audio equipment, my laptop and my desktop; finished up all the IEPs and current performances still kicking around… and I was FREE.


Boy, having a well-deserved break has turned me into quite the songstress. Apologies. 

I literally did a whole lot o’ nuthin’ Thursday and Friday. If you count cruising the computer, TV and just dickin’ around the house as “nuthin'”.  Felt a bit guilty about it to be honest but as Sig-O repetitively told me, “You go at warp speed all year long, stop feeling guilty about sitting on your a-s-s for a few days!”

Duly noted, husband. After this long weekend, I do go back to work part time, doing Early Intervention home visits over the summer to keep my mind sharp (aka play with cute little kids and get paid for it!). 

A few important things to note:

– we have a new addition to our little family. We adopted a wee little kitty from a local shelter, and christened him Sebastian, or SeaBee for short. Sappy me for a moment – he has brought us a lot of joy and laughter with his antics! In addition, I credit him with part of the reason I am able to simply kick around and do a whole lot of nuthin’ – who wants to kick out the cute little kitty snoozing in your lap, or ignore his meowing requests for play? Not I. 





My little buddy! He goes back to the vet next week, courtesy of the shelter, to get shhhh shhh shhfixed. Sorry little guy!


After much consideration, and admiration of ReFashionista (a woman who DIYs all her own clothing out of thrift store finds), I decided to pursue getting a real sewing machine. I did a lot of hand sewing for items for our wedding, the bird cake toppers, part of the bridesmaids’ gifts – I don’t have a lot of patience for it. I am such a thrift store junkie and a budget minded shopper in general, why not try and create unique pieces from my thrift store finds? I can’t tell you how many times I go to Salvation Army and find an item that is absolutely old lady or matronly in style, but the color or print would make such a cute dress/top etc. 

I was in luck because my mom’s old friend Debbie – had a few leftover sewing machines to get rid of. Her mother passed away just before we got married and was a huge crafting/sewing buff. I picked up a Kenmore sewing machine (no idea what make or model eek) fo’ FREE. Her mom was a tough but well meaning lady; I much appreciate Debbie thinking of me and letting me have one of her old machines – maybe she will pass me down some good luck to boot! 

Image it looks just like this … no manual etc. I took sewing classes as a kid – hopefully the old knowledge starts flooding back. Best way to learn, by doing!

So I’m gonna head over to Salvation Army and see what I can rustle up over there before I meet my aunt for din din. I have visions of a strapless, casual dress I can wear to a wedding in August. If all doesn’t go well, I do have some backups!


Finally – I haven’t mentioned this on here in a while, if ever – but I’ve always been interested in finding a local Farmer’s Market or CSA but was discouraged at the lack of them, or lack of quality. My mom lent me a local magazine called Edible South Shore, that LISTS Farmer’s Markets and CSAs!!! They’ve been under my nose this whole time. Planning to hit at least a couple Farmer’s Markets this weekend with Sig-O. No more buying produce at the store (unless absolutely necessary!)



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  1. Sewing sounds awesome, and that’s cool Debbie had one for you! I lack the patience for it though. That and my follow through on crafty things tends to be lacking, lol.
    Joining a CSA is often expensive, and you dony have much control over what veggies you get, so the Farmer’s Market is your best bet 🙂 There is a REALLY nice one in Ithaca that I don’t think you and I ever visited. But there is also one near King Arthur Flour on Saturdays that is nice, that we could check out sometime.
    In our next life Gabe and I are going to start a CSA. Maybe.

  2. The hand sewing I realized halfway through said wedding projects that I don’t have the tolerance level … so I figure (hopefully!) using a machine will speed the process up since I see so many things that I would love to try. I took sewing classes back in elementary school so hopefully some of that knowledge will come back to me.

    I checked into a CSA a few years ago, and unfortunately the expense was beyond our means, and still is. There are also a lot of Farm to Table events going on at local farms and wineries, where everything is locally sourced but the price per person is absolutely ridiculous (one place wanted $110 a head!) It’s a shame they can’t make them more accessible to everybody!

    We never visited the one in Ithaca – would love to hit the one near King Arthur Flour! There is still one over in Middleboro but no longer at Pratt Farm, it’s on the town hall lawn. One right here in Taunton, two in Attleboro which isn’t far at all, and one in Easton. A few in Dartmouth, New Bedford and Fall River as well so I’m gonna start with the more local ones and see where we end up. 🙂

  3. Good luck with the sewing machine! I had a mad DIY phase once when I tried to change the sleeves of some dress and it was a total disaster, I accidentally lopped a boob off. I totally failed GCSE Textiles though so it wasn’t completely unexpected.

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