Meg on a plane … nope just kidding.

Anyone who knows me well (and some people that don’t even, since I tend to overshare…) know that I loathe flying. The whole experience- hustle and bustle through the airport and security, sitting and waiting, boarding, waiting some more, TAKING OFF (shudder), being UP 20,000 thousand some odd feet IN THE AIR, and then landing (my favorite part, coming back to Earth!). I loathe it all, with a little less loathing when the pilot comes on and says, “We are now beginning our descent into blah blah city”. I will fly if absolutely necessary, but I require Xanax -copious amounts of Xanax- leading up to the day of flight.


That being said, Sig-O and I had the opportunity to attend a breakfast/viewing at the Cranland Airport in Hanson, MA. My grandfather has always loved planes, and with my brother serving in the Air Force (haha flying and dealing with planes for a JOB; could we be any more different!) I do like to check out and WATCH planes, particularly the small ones. Despite my fear, I do love watching them take off and land, and I absolutely love the noise their wheels make upon contact with the runway 🙂 eee eee eee!



pontoon-style boat – wished I could have seen it land on water but was still very neat!



U.S. Army plane – room for 8, very cool!


My oh-so-pale self posing in front of a Red Baron-esque plane!


There were also several antique cars to see as well – including a really impressive one from the 1930s (didn’t catch the specific name) and the owner had restored it to its’ original colors (you can kinda see it in the background of the picture below, coffee colored with orange and black!)



Beautiful blues! Mustang and Coupe de Ville!


All in all, it was a lovely morning spent with a few members of my family. 



PS – Shhhh, I entered myself in the Narragansett Brewing Company’s ‘Gansett Girl Calendar Contest. More details to follow – if I get enough votes to get in the Top 12, I get to go to Providence for a photo shoot with professional hair, make up and vintage clothing provided by some local businesses!!! (I swear I’m not shallow, I would just love to get all dolled up vintage pin-up style and get actually documentation of it!)

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