I’m going to do the typical New Englander

I’m going to do the typical New Englander thing and say …



And instead, revert back to


Image                                                               THIS^?????

My pale, super Northern European tookus (Finnish, Swedish, French, English and yeah a very little bit of Native American thank you very much) cannot tolerate this. 

I’m not asking for snow. That is blasphemy. I know just a few short WEEKS ago, people were crying out for sun and sunshine and warm temperatures. Pas moi! Sick of snow – YES. Ready for a 90+ degree heatwave – NO WAY JOSE. I’d say who wants to go to Canada i.e. Montreal but I saw temps up there are quite similar and they don’t even get the respite of being near an ACTUAL OCEAN (ponds, lakes and the St. Lawrence River do not count!) so screw that idea. 


Iceland anyone ???


May 31, 2013 · 8:43 PM

3 responses to “I’m going to do the typical New Englander

  1. I’m not ready for this heat either, I need some time to prepare, lol.

  2. ugh I mean really – July and August I would be semi ready and semi ok with it I guess? But end of May! Boooo hiss

  3. Montreal in the summer is still fun even though it’s as hot as hell. BUT if you walk everywhere in the heat, all the poutine won’t add to your waistline. But wet pits in all your pictures…

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