An Ode To Orangey-Red and being a Tauntonian

Tauntonian; (proper noun) One who resides in the fine city of Taunton.

Knock it if you will, but every town has its’ good and bad parts. I have lived in Taunton since 2010 and have spent a sizable chunk of time here since high school. I’ve grown to love it, in ways. I left the gym yesterday and the sun had finally come out and was starting to set, the clouds were soft and pretty, birds were chirping, and I could see the old Courthouse looming above the other buildings as I drove through The Taunton Green (a challenge every time!) and the fountain at the center of the Green was running, the trees and grass looked well kept. As much as I/we were prepared to leave for a different city (likely Fall River) I am glad things worked out and we were able to extend our stay here. Makes things easy in a lot of ways. Discovered a new gem within walking distance of our old apartment (expecting to be completely in the new place within 2 weeks) – The Taunton Antiques Center. Three floors of random stuff to look at, furniture, knick knacks, collectibles … we strolled around yesterday for about 45 minutes and will be making a return trip since we did not cover it all. I bought some really cool tile/trivets, $1 a piece! (picture to come hopefully)

Of all my time spent in Taunton, and the many times I’ve walked right by that building – what a cool place to wander around. Side note: I hit the Swansea Salvation Army the other day, no purchases but will return since there was a lot of quality stuff … ventured all the way to Newport (solid 45 minute ride) to find they have no Salvation Army as claimed … plenty of other places to poke around though on future visits. Also popped by the Attleboro SA and saw some great stuff so will return there.

Oh! And how could I not mention, our great find in South Windsor, CT! TOTALLY worth the drive down there – nice man, helped us load it and everything! Needs a little TLC but will make a great addition to our new digs. I also have a few leads out on library card catalogs, one located in of all places in the small town I grew up in. My informant says they are asking $450 but she got the guy down to $350 so I’m going to give it a try and see if I can get them any lower. Apparently the key is to look absolutely disinterested and being that I am mildly obsessed with getting a card catalog, I shall have to dial it down QUITE a bit.


Little teeny drawers in which to put remotes, cards, and other small items bwahahaha …

So yes, great to be a Tauntonian. Now onto Orangey-Red …

Another one of my new obsessions: the color red-orange, or orange-red? Bought some oops/discounted paint (my favorite kind!) at Lowe’s the other day in a shade called “Hacienda Tile”. Plan on painting a couple items in that color (wastebasket, some frames, maybe a mason jar toothbrush cup) to accent the deep blue/cream colors going on in the new digs’ bathroom. Below is a sample of that color as well as the kind of Ikat blue print shower curtain I dug up for $9.99 at BBB 🙂 I just love the contrast between the two, yet how they go together so well. Or maybe it’s just me and you all think it’s hideous. But isn’t that what design is all about? 🙂

Image       Image

I shall be doing a before and after shot of each room for comparison purposes 🙂


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2 responses to “An Ode To Orangey-Red and being a Tauntonian

  1. I like the curtain! IDk how I feel about the orangey-red, but you remember the bathroom on Peirce St…

  2. Thanks! We shall see how it looks in the real life setting rather than just in my head … I actually do not remember the Peirce St bathroom entirely, just vague memories of what it looked like .. refresh me!

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