Honeymoon/Apartment Found?

So shame on me, I never shared any photos of our honeymoon in Portland. I talked about it – but the pics really say it all. Cool, European-esque city, cobblestones, brick, vibrant arts scene, AMAZING food, locally sourced etc … we will be going back repeatedly, that’s for sure.








Well, that being shared … update from my last post. Apartment in “Sassquin area of New Bedford” … MISREPESENTATION AT ITS’ FINEST. Yes, fantastic area, right over the line from Freetown, beautiful houses etc and the one place we were checking out was the ONLY EYESORE. Complex-type building, door looked like it had been beaten down several times, smelled, cement filled pool, apartment was disgusting. No thanks! And they wanted $800!

We pressed forward, scheduling two viewings this past week. One on Thurs, one on Saturday. Cancelled the Saturday one because the Thurs night one (in Taunton!) was absolutely stunning! To summarize, we viewed it Thurs. Submitted paperwork for credit check etc yesterday morning and met with realtor again to discuss any discrepancies. Realtor called last night wanting to set us up on an interview with the potential landlords, TODAY at 5! Words can’t express how excited I/we are. I don’t want to jinx it by divulging too much info, but the apartment is half a Ranch style house, one bedroom with an office, modern and updated appliances etc., DISHWASHER, and also! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Fresh paint, clean as a whistle, clean carpeting and tile floors – a built in curio cabinet in the kitchen (we all know how much I love built ins!). I had to hold myself back from drooling during the viewing. Fingers crossed this will be our new apartment. We spoke with our current landlord to let him know that we are actively looking for a new apartment and he was so sweet. He said we were the best tenants he has ever had. 🙂

School update: Finished with one class, taking an incomplete in the other so I can pass in a final project I feel good about. I felt so good passing in all my tutoring materials and final paper this past week for the one class! Whatever grade I get, I get, with that one.

I took a look at my course requirements out of curiosity. I only have 5 classes and a practicum to get my Master’s. Now I’m still planning on taking a break, at least a semester or two off, however I do think I will go back and at least finish what I started, taking only a course each semester and figure out some sort of solution for the practicum. I was talking to a few co-workers about it and they said there shouldn’t be any reason that I can’t finagle my current position into a practicum. With the break I am taking, I plan on pursuing a practicum solution by speaking with the department head, advisor, and coordinator as well as my boss to see if there is something mutually beneficial to be done about it. One of my co-workers who does the majority of the educational testing for yearly IEP’s etc made a good point that if I got my Master’s I could split the backbreaking (mentally and physically- carting around all the testing materials and manuals does a number on ya!), time consuming task of evals/testing with her or even take it on entirely once she retires. Good food for thought at least.

For now, I’m thinking positive for this landlord interview, and starting to take things down around the apartment. All the photos, menus and tidbits that were plastered all over the fridge are down, as well as the majority of hanging pictures, photo collages and frames. Next, I’m gonna attack my massively full bookcase and see if I can pare down some of the books in there (yeah right who am I kidding? me = book hoarder) TTFN ta ta for now!


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8 responses to “Honeymoon/Apartment Found?

  1. Sounds like some exciting things happening for you guys!! 🙂

  2. BTW- I stored a lot of my books in those $5 plastic totes from WalMart, because I cannot part with books either.

  3. Meg

    Thanks! That is a good trick – I am loading up on banana boxes from the supermarket too to use for my books but I need to pick up some totes anyways since we will actually have a pull down stair for an attic that runs the length of the apartment!!! No more clutter/organized attic!

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