Oh, Apartment Hunting!

Since I just about FELL into the apartment we inhabit now, I figured looking and finding a new apartment for us newlyweds would be just as easy. How about NOoooOooooo Mr. Bigglesworth!

I love our current apartment, I really do. We are just about busting at the seams in it though. Real lack of storage space, lack of counter space in the kitchen, bedroom is getting pretty tight between laundry baskets, two bureaus, and whatnot. I love our landlords (even when the husband gets cracking on his paint scraping/chipping/repainting/banging ladders up against the house at oh, 7am on a Saturday , i.e. today.) I will truly miss them. But it is time to go!

Been scouring Craigslist for months with no real luck in the town we live in currently. Lots of overpriced places, and overpriced dumps. Called a few places that seemed decent that recently popped up. One return call out of 3, who said we could come look at the place anytime since he left it wide open. Yup, not a place I wanna hang my hat at. E-mailed another one; too good to be true! Got e-mailed back spam type junk about being missionaries and traveling to Africa and oh yes, cleanliness is next to godliness donchaknow? Like the scene from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – BAMP BAMP, BAD EGG. 

Two calls placed to two places in Fall River. No return call. For the love of Pete, if you already rented the place, give me the courtesy of a return phone call to acknowledge that! Time to bring in the big guns…

No more scouring Craigslist. Too fraught with scams and the like. Obviously it has changed since I fell into our current apartment. Started scouring the local papers, with some help from family members. Again, not a lot of luck. 

Have contacted two real estate, realtor type places – about a place here in Tauntaun/Taunton, a 1/2 duplex that looks VERY promising (did you catch the Star Wars reference? hee hee); one in the Fall River/South Coast area. Contacted the one lonely newspaper ad –  I ACTUALLY CALLED AND SPOKE TO A REAL LIVE, WARM BLOODED HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!

It’s in the Sassaquin Pond area of New Bedford, which is super far north New Bedford, more like Acushnet/Lakeville/Assonet-y. Not the “far North New Bedford” that they claim in a lot of listings but, joke is on you, if you do your homework the place is pretty much central or even South End New Beige. Which isn’t bad necessarily; I lived down there briefly. Warm spot in my heart for NB -but who I was living with kinda ruined it. I hate misrepresentation. 

We’re going to scope it out tomorrow afternoon!!! Huzzah!!!

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