What a fucked up week. We heard the news about the Boston Marathon bombings while we were away in Portland, as well as the chemical plant explosion in Texas. Kept up on it to a point until we got home. Caught up on the news while at the gym last night. Then today woke up to news that Boston was shut down, T shut down, Amtrak shut down. No cab service. They’re still looking for people in the West chemical explosion aftermath.

Un-fucking-believable. This shit is unreal. I’ve lived in MA my entire life, sure it has its’ pitfalls and issues, but I love it here. I am upset and mad and agitated that the two bombers/their sect/sleeper cell whatever, is causing disruption to our lives. Terrorists want to kill people but more so than that, they want to disrupt people’s lives and put fear into what we normally would think are everyday activities. One bomber is dead; another on the run. Several innocent people are dead, hundreds injured and still recovering.

Two of my uncles are currently in locked down buildings in Cambridge and Boston. A close friend is locked down downtown. A suspicious device was found at the local university I attend; one of the bombers is a registered student at another nearby college. It’s insane.

As Adam Sandler tweeted, “Boston is probably the only major city that if you fuck with them, they will shut down the whole city, stop everything and find you.”

Hopefully there is an end to all of this, although I suspect it may be just the beginning. I am trying to get some normalcy going; until someone tells me I can’t, I am going about my normal business. I tried to get my name changed after picking up my marriage license but all Social Security offices in MA are closed. For now, normalcy means getting some lunch and enjoying some retail therapy.


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2 responses to “Massholes.

  1. Don’t forget the Chicago sinkhole! Also, I’m very very stir crazy being on lockdown, and need some milk… I love living in Boston, but still.

  2. Meg

    hey milk does a body good!

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