I’m married…now what?

So, yeehaw – got married!!! The whole day went off without a hitch; I cannot say enough about all the vendors and friends and family that were involved. It was perfect!






We honeymooned in Portland, Me. New long term goal: move to Portland. Not kidding. Still going to move to Fall River over the summer for sure – but depending on job availability and cost, we might just end up in Portland within a couple years. We absolutely loved the city – everybody seemed so naturally friendly and just HAPPY to be there and doing WHATEVER they were doing. It’s easy to get around, of course it has a few seedy areas and appears to be a lot of homeless … but even if we don’t end up there long term, we are definitely going back every chance we get. 

Now comes the sorting through of all our junk, all the junk we have stored at Sig-O’s mom’s house (doing it this weekend legit), me finishing up this semester, and getting ourselves packed up and moved! Oh, and enjoying each other 🙂

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  1. Know your neighborhoods… Portland isn’t all good. We’ve considered moving there before. We may still, but there are murders and whatnot that happen. There are some unsavory areas.

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