Minus The Bear/Circa Survive

So I went to a concert last night. Probably the first concert I’ve been to in a solid 5 years, maybe more. My friend Anna invited me a few weeks ago; a favorite band of hers, Circa Survive was headlining and one of my favorites, Minus The Bear, were playing right before them. I listened to MtB steadily a few years ago and then did that thing where you totally forget about a band. So glad to be re-introduced to them, and they were great live!

More about the concert: can I tell you how FREAKIN’ OLD I FELT?!  I just turned 27 and Anna and I were surrounded by these baby-looking kids! Tons of girls wearing inappropriate clothing – I did see some great hairstyles/facial hair, lots of handlebar mustaches and a girl with a huge curly haired fauhawk that I just had to tell her how much I loved. 

It brought me back to the days where I lived and breathed for concerts. Lupos (the venue) in particular brought back memories of seeing The Deftones. I definitely can’t hang like I used to, as evidenced by the fact that I powered through several bottles of water last night rather than beers, haha. I never was a moshpit/crowdsurf person either; that still stands. It was a nice little reminder of a person I used to be, and still am in a way. I think Sig-O and I will attempt more shows in the furture, since we are so close to Providence and it’s a nice way to get out and do something for a reasonable price (depending on the band).

Now it’s back to being all Betty Crocker 😛 – Monster Cookies and Lemon Pudding on the docket for desserts being made this weekend with my new KitchenAid!

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