A few of my favorite things…

1.) Etsy. I am a woman obsessed. Sure, I’ve ordered things off there for a few years now, but within the past year, if I can’t find something – I immediately turn to Etsy. I think it is a great networking tool, and a great place to find truly unique items, vintage etc. I’ve found a lot of unique items for wedding gifts, crafty stuff etc. It promotes people’s artistry and craftsmanship. Prices are a little bit more than if you went down to Wal-Mart per se, but every once in a while, it is nice to buy a great product that A REAL PERSON in the US MADE/CRAFTED (you can buy from other countries on Etsy which is all well and good, but I’m going all ‘MERICA F YEAH’ here; I stick to products made within the US.)

2.) Speaking of vintage, crafty, what have you. Hit my local Salvation Army the other day. Scored a Chanel cardigan for $4! I’m too lazy to post a picture right now, but it’s a medium blue with the classic logo embroidered a few times on it, and the buttons have the logo as well. Fits a bit loose, but that’s what I like. Normally I am not a “name snob”, but the combo of Chanel and a cardigan is totally my bread and butter! (I might own at least 10 cardigans, do not judge me. Total Mr. Rogers wannabe here. Won’t you be MY neighbor?)

3.) Breakfast food. I don’t go out to breakfast often but I went the other morning and man, was it good. Burnt, crispy homefries with hot sauce and ketchup, a FRESH blueberry pancake with butter, syrup and powdered sugar, and one over easy, drippy egg. YUM. 

As my freedom, aka February vacation rolls to a close, I have to say I am pretty darned satisfied how I spent it. I baked/cooked quite a bit, got to use some of my new toys from the shower, thrift shopped, and caught up on wedding hoopla as well as kept up with schoolwork. To reward all my hard work, I am totally going to look for Downton Abbey with Sig-O’s technical support on Netflix and hunker down with a nice cup of tea and some baked goods. I’ve heard from numerous people that the show has me written all over it. We shall see 🙂

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  1. I love etsy too! It’s amazing what you find there!
    If you have moment feel free to stop by at my blog, I have written about shops I really like on etsy and many other subjects.

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