Two months to go …

Approximately two months to go until the big day! Feeling pretty good for the most part …

Which means I am actually starting to think about what we would like to accomplish AFTER the big day (ahhhh back to some normalcy!)…item number one being, get a new/larger apartment! Something to fit the bill between me finishing school/Sig-O getting a better job and us hopefully making the jump to living in Central/Western MA. Ideally, we would move sometime this summer, that way I’m not working full time and not taking classes so I can devote time to sorting, organizing, junking and packing up what belongings we have. Good opportunity to pare down some junk methinks!

The goal is to stay in Taunton (Star Wars fans: tauntaun LOL) however after a lengthy discussion with Sig-O, we have decided that the following towns are worth checking into: Somerset, Swansea, Berkley, Dighton, Rehoboth, Attleboro (North and South), Seekonk, and Norton. I’m also trying to convince him to consider FAR NORTH New Bedford and Fall River as they border more “acceptable” towns like Freetown, Acushnet, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett etc that we can look into. I lived in New Bedford before and the only issue I have with living there is that it can be isolating and what you save in rent, you make up for at the gas pump. Some of the towns listed tend to be primarily residential, with not a lot of apartment opportunities but they do still have some. It’s going to be time consuming but worthwhile. We currently have a one bedroom with very little storage space, and we LOVE it and will be SAD to leave it, but we really are outgrowing it. We desperately need more storage space and are looking for a more modern 2 bedroom with some character. Gonna put out feelers with local friends and check the papers, but I figure Craigslist will be our primary means of searching places out. Nobody likes packing up but I am looking forward to “the hunt” and getting into a new place that suits us better 🙂

I have one day of work tomorrow then I am off for February vaca. Shower was postponed until this Saturday, and I have plans to get through a lot of nitty gritty wedding prep (one thing is going to be going out collecting twigs, pictures/explanation to come IF it works in my favor…) this week with my free time as well. (oh and I should get ahead on schoolwork too! And some cooking/baking is in order!)

Now if you will excuse me, I am LONG overdue for a DIY pedicure. Warmer weather means baring some tootsies and mine are not in acceptable condition currently!

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