German Pancakes, Great Finds and Wedding Prep

I made this bad boy for breakfast today. Was delicious loaded up with MY choice of various jams and whipped cream, and SIG-O’s choice of some frozen fruit with whipped cream and syrup. Powdered sugar too. Super easy to put together and way better than standing over a griddle flipping and pouring pancakes. Not knocking that since that method makes some pretty tip top shape pancakes BUT wasn’t feeling that this morning.



Et voila! Wedding prep is speeding along – bridal shower is this weekend, where did the time go ?! Today I also had my first wedding dress fitting, along with my future SIL’s. Went well; quick and painless! Have to go back in about a month for another one and I am excited to see how the dress looks then since they are lopping off a lot of fabric (if you are new here, I bought my past season wedding gown about 2-3 sizes too big, strategy being that I would not have to fret about “fitting into it” like ya do when they order you one custom. Not that I have lost or gained weight, but for the stress factor, boy am I glad I went the route I did!).

Remember the shoes I mentioned in a previous post? Yeah they made me taller than Sig-O and strong feminist feelings aside, I am not a fan of being taller than my future hubby. Back they went, and I picked up the pair I originally wanted (pinky nude bow topped pointy flats). Sometimes I am too frugal for my own good; said shoes were $30 which to any normal person in their right mind is not expensive whatsoever but to moi, I said, you can do better! And I picked up the previous pair that made me look like a giant. Lesson learned – get the original item you loved at first sight.

Here is a photo of a few other finds I made last weekend at ye olde Target.


Lousy pic, sorry folks.

What you see in a crumpled looking pile is:

  • mint green (I cannot get ENOUGH of this color BTW) clutch, approx. $4
  • purple skinny crop pants (to add to my collection of colored bottoms!) approx. $12
  • rusty orange short sleeved sweater, Lands’ End. Freebie from mi madre after discovering it did not fit her. A bit bulky on me but comfortable and layerable nonetheless, and did I mention FREE? Closet, meet Rusty.

Oooooh how I love a good deal. I hit up the East Providence Salvation Army at the recommendation of a friend (aka Caity of C.Sherlock Photography, who is our wedding photog, check her out!) and was not dissapointed. Alas, I did not snap a pic of my treasures, apologies. Was a great place to poke around for knick knacks, cookware, and in the future, FURNITURE. Clothing was hit or miss, but I made out pretty good with books (snapped up a copy of Beverly Cleary’s The Mouse & The Motorcycle along with a few Richard Scarry’s and classic Golden Books.) Did I mention I have a book problem? 5 level bookshelf COMPLETELY FULL, with books jammed in every which way, yet I still buy more. Oh well. There are worse things, and I do contain it to one area- I haven’t reached scary hoarder status yet.

And lastly, for your viewing pleasure, my wedding day coif. Bonus; not a lot of pins, none poking violently into my head, I look like myself and the roll-y bun creates a nice little home to put my veil comb in!


Ugh Monday tomorrow … glad I have plenty of things to look forward to 🙂


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2 responses to “German Pancakes, Great Finds and Wedding Prep

  1. So glad I never had to deal with being taller than a man 🙂 And that is the exact shoe problem I’m having; I found a pair that I like and now it’s the only pair I want. I think I’ll be picking them up today. Assuming they are still there…

  2. Just like taking a test- first answer/item is probably the best/right one!

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