Going au naturale

I think getting RSVP cards in the mail to our wedding has been one of my most favorite parts of this whole wedding thing. That and cake tasting honestly. Speaking of cake, I gotta go drop off my little DIY birdie cake toppers to the cake lady. Which means going to the dairy farm and picking up goodies and probably a half gallon of milk while I am there. Not upset about that one bit.


Tweet tweet!

The title of this post is “au naturale” for a reason. I’m not the best at going green but I like to do it when I can, even in regards to my makeup. I am a huge fan of vinegar as an all natural disinfectant/cleaner, and I try to get in a glass of water with some Apple Cider Vinegar dilluted in it every few days (helps digestion, keeps your system moving/flushes out impurities etc) but I read that ACV makes a pretty good toner for your skin. I notice that when I am ingesting ACV regularly, my skin looks better AKA less redness from the rosacea. I’ve been using ACV in a 50/50 ratio with bottled water every night before bed for about a week now and am pleased with the result. My skin seems clearer and more even and definitely less red. 

I also use cornstarch as a finishing product/mineral veil to set my makeup for the day, as well as to perk it up midday if I start looking too powdery or oily. It works and it is cheap! Hurray! 

Side note: I discovered that Dunks’ brown paper napkins also make a great blotter during the day to remove excess powder/product/oiliness. 

I picked up a new product on a whim the other day at Target (after a ridiculous time returning The Falsies mascara I purchased a few weeks ago; long story, all’s well that ends well right?) 

I’ve heard lots of things about wedding day makeup. Don’t use products with SPF or you will photograph weird (confirmed), make sure you use blush/highlighter/fill in brows or you will look like a pale blob (yet to be confirmed) and yada yada yada. On a whim I picked up E.L.F.’s Brow Kit for $3. It is a nice little compact with brown brow gel and then a lighter taupe powder to set it. It even comes with its’ own double ended brush! I have really light brows so I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a test run, especially at $3. The result was really subtle but noticeable. They say brows frame your face and I guess it’s true. I am a plucker, not a waxer (yet) and just kinda keep them in check that way but the combo of the brow gel and powder really made a nice difference. Nobody commented on it (if it was a bad choice I figured the kids at work would certainly say something and they did not so…) we have a winner! One more piece of the wedding day makeup puzzle is complete! (In all honesty, I’m pretty satisfied with my plan and products for wedding day makeup, only thing I’m really trying to find is the ideal eyeshadow but at this point, I think I am better off blending my own shade.)


Now off to do some reading (second graduate class is much more low key, thank you whoever you are higher power!) and eat some top notch ice cream. (Turkey Hill Chocolate Marshmallow, it is SUPERB.)

PS – Remember how in LiveJournal you could add the music you were listening to at the time of your post? I think I’m gonna update what ice cream I am eating. Just a thought. 


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2 responses to “Going au naturale

  1. Gabe tried drinking the ACV regularly this fall and we think he is actually allergic to it! Hurray for figuring out the brow thing though!

  2. It’s funny you say that because in my research on ACV I read that some people don’t tolerate it well. There was some discussion of there being a stark difference between using plain ole ACV or the one with the “mother” in it. I can’t comment either way, I just buy the cheapest bottle and so far, so good.

    This is my 3rd or 4th day using the brow kit and I’ve had a handful of people ask if I plucked, waxed or did something different with my makeup. Nothing negative which is good – but great feedback! Obviously it makes a difference in a good way!

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