I totally shoulda been a librarian…

Not that I don’t like my job. I do. Honestly. Unfortunately, librarian jobs are in short supply and special education jobs are in ample supply and they pay somewhat decently, plus I really do enjoy the children and my co-workers (for the most part). It’s the government/bureaucracy/higher ups that make me go crazy. I don’t get on my soapbox about much but here ya go. 

I love libraries. And not just the one I grew up going to and have vividly positive memories of. (ILY Middleborough Public Library!) I am a self-described library rat. I am warming up to the more local Taunton one, and even the Bridgewater one near work. I love ’em all. I get all warm and fuzzy pretty much anytime I venture into one, which isn’t as often as I would like. Many libraries are suffering budget cuts and must maintain shorter and more restricted hours. The whole Nook/Kindle thing is cool, but scares the ever lovin’ crap out of me because I fear all books will become digitalized and few or no REAL BOOKS will remain. In the zombie apocalypse, I defend the fact that I will have an edge on a lot of people and would be highly desired within groups for my knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System. (Come on folks, after all the technology goes down, if you need to know/learn something, that card catalog will still be there!!!)

So bottom line, declining library usage makes me sad. 

Onto happier thoughts. I am friends with the local library on Facebook and saw they were having a Children’s Book Sale. I am always looking to add to my collection (I have a 5 leveled bookshelf chock full but I am always seeking to add more!) and I also need to update my Early Intervention toy/book bag (I do home visits to develop speech/ASL skills with deaf and hard of hearing little guys) so I figured I would check it out. ‘Check it out’ turned into spending all of $4 on about 20 books, I kid you not – and planning to attend their monthly book sale which is the 2nd Saturday of every month. That, plus books, plus all the activities and passes they offer, I beg you; PEOPLE – GO TO YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY MORE! You will not regret it! 

Other items of note: 

  • My friend Heather posted this recently. She is a huge fan of Target as am I, and this is big! Well to me – Target is collaborating with Prabal Gurung starting 2/10. I don’t know who this Prabal Gurung person is, but I like ’em! Check the link for Heather’s post about what they are bringing to Target; I for one am HUGELY excited. I can’t get over the colors and style and prints!!! (In particular, I love ALL the shoes, couple of the dresses AHH POCKETS! and that paint splatter print tote bag!)
  • wedding invitations went out yesterday! I requested the postmaster to hand cancel them so they didn’t get all torn up from the machine (big tip of the hat for that tidbit to Sig-O’s mom;retired P.O. Manager!) Bestie Trista received hers today!
  • had my first graduate class for the semester the other night. 15 page syllabus = Meg bugging the f*ck out. Luckily I found out via other resources that I was not the only one; don’t want to drop the class, already have the books and the prof seems genuinely nice, just expects a lot! So time to grit the teeth, bare knuckle it and get to it! I have another class that starts Monday and putting out positive energy to the universe that it is much more LOW KEY.)
  • making homemade pizza for dinner tonight. Just checked on it and it amazingly resembles a Papa Gino’s pizza. This excites me.
  • Made these last night. Lemon Brownies. Great texture and flavor; came together easily, minimal dish consumption. I continue to check Tasty Kitchen frequently even though I’ve moved away from using a lot of the recipes I find there because for a while they were lackluster … glad I gave the lemon brownies a try though! YUM. Lemon is one of my top 5 favorite flavors, for both savory and sweet dishes. 
  • Can I just say how much I love spring? For oh-so-many reasons! It’s still bitter cold here, but stores are coming out with all their spring clothing and shoes (we all know I love a brightly colored item of clothing or better yet, pair of shoes! Speaking of which I need to quit the brights and probably should pick up a nude pair of flats or something, oh well!). I bought a few bunches of daffodils on the cheap at the grocery store last week; they are really perking up my kitchen table. I told Sig-O I would like make it a point to continue to buy fresh flowers week to week, nothing expensive, but I really think it makes a big difference, silly as it sounds. Yay Spring! 
  • I passed the second gauntlet AKA the MTEL Foundations of Reading Test. Passed the first one; Communications and Literacy last spring, and passing the second means I merely have one more to take (for those of you not from Massachusetts, before you may teach or even student teach I think, you must pass these three tests. Comm and Literacy is kid’s play but FoR is known for being tricky as are content areas/general curriculum). I believe I have yet to take a content area of my choosing which I am planning on doing English Language Arts or whatever their equivalent is. Since I am doing the grades 5-12 certification, not PreK-8, I think that means I get out of taking a general curriculum. I hope. I should probably check on that. Either way, one more step towards getting a job as a Special Education teacher and getting my own classroom!

Now it is time to pour a glass of Riesling, enjoy some pizza with Sig-O and possibly head out to Target and/or TJ Maxx/Marshalls in search of some bargains. Perhaps.


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2 responses to “I totally shoulda been a librarian…

  1. Any time I enter a library that isn’t the MPL I do two things. One, I immediately compare its size and how classy it looks, and two I then immediately wish I could be looking for what I need at the MPL. Even when we were living in Canandaigua I wasn’t able to find a comparable library. And university libraries don’t carry enough fiction.

  2. I have done that up until recently – frankly I think the BSU Library stinks on a lot of levels. I used to think the Taunton PL was creepy but after going there more frequently (I used to go to the MPL no matter where I was living) I am warming up to it, and part of that I think is that the staff at TPL are awesome. Next time I go I am asking if they need extra help over the summer; I don’t even care if it’s volunteer work. (MPL is one of the most beautifully constructed libraries I’ve ever seen, particularly for a small town, and their children’s room still beats out any I’ve seen yet)

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