Poking a little fun at tradition

My sister-in-law (brother’s wife) left me this link on my Facebook page the other day. Basically it is a run down of 3 not so romantic wedding traditions. Gave me a good laugh, my favorite mention was probably the “shoe-tapping” tradition. As a transfer of power from father to new husband, he would take off his daughter’s shoes and give them to his new son-in-law who then would “tap” his new bride on the head with them, signifying that the father could no longer discipline or guide his daughter. I am not a fan of the man holding the power but I thought that was pretty funny. Maybe I will tap Sig-O on the dome piece with my shoes at the reception, ha!



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4 responses to “Poking a little fun at tradition

  1. Regardless of who hits whom with a shoe; those are cute!

  2. I thought so! I was too lazy to snap a pic of the actual pair I am wearing but they are a similar shade of yellow with a little kitten heel, heel strap with a bow, closed toe.

  3. I’ve been to just about a gazillion weddings (OK, about 350), and I never heard of that one before. Thanks for sharing.

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