What A Fine Day

I love three day weekends. I know they don’t just happen for no good reason though, this long weekend I have Martin Luther King, Jr. to thank. I was doing some MLK-related activities with the kids this past week, and as usual when I do themed activities about a famous or influential person, I really have to nail down what was important about them and what they did in the most succinct and sometimes simple ways possible. The kids I service range in abilities so I do tend to start with one base chunk and either tune it up or down depending on the student. I also try to make it multi-media, incorporating books, pictures, video etc when the school computers allow it because otherwise I feel like it loses its’ richness. I hope I did a good job explaining who MLK was and what he did for this country. Thanks MLK. 


On a less serious note, check this out. A zombie survival themed obstacle race. OMG. WANT TO DO IT SO BAD. Luckily, there is one nearby in northeastern CT at the end of July 2013. I am soooooo talking to Sig-O about this. Seriously, how much fun would it be ?!?! 

On that note as well, I have a lot of friends who are into geocaching. Sig-O and I have hiked a bit, we are totally beginners by the way – but we have friends who are big into hiking (Trista and her hubby over at Plants, Canning, Crafting & Eating) and a friend of a friend more locally who has offered to take Sig-O and I out on jaunts once it starts to get a bit warmer. We look forward to it, but I’ve been hearing more and more about geocaching and plan to do a bit more research into it. From what I understand, it requires you use a compass to local a buried box/item placed by someone else aka adult scavenger hunt!

Also, I hit up Michaels’ and TJ Maxx today in search of a few items. Michaels’ was mostly wedding related; looking for a branchy/wreathy/twiggy thing to go around the base of the birdhouses that will sit on charger plates for centerpieces (found something that may work, gonna test drive it today and see) and then I picked up some scrapbook paper, 2 sheets of a grey/yellow plaid and 2 sheets of yellow dots to DIY some signs for the reception (see link below, thanks Etsy for the inspiration!). 

reserved signs

leave your wishes for the new Mr. & Mrs.

Pics to come later once I get going with them 🙂


Also, hit TJ Maxx in hopes of finding some colorful shoes/accessories. I ordered this dress to possible wear to my bridal shower, from Macy’s (where I NEVER shop) but could not resist the price, the bow detail and the fact that it would give me another LBD option. Provided it fits; they did not carry it at my local store and the nice little Portuguese woman ordered it for me, gave me free shipping AND 15% off so it is headed directly to my door to tune of $23 and some change. Pretty sweet right? We will see when it arrives. 

TJ Maxx was good to me as well. 


Cynthia Rowley striped top – $5 

Guess zipper back, cage heels, past season but who would know – $15

4 packs of 16 Eiffel Tower blank cards/envelopes (to use as thank you cards after the shower) – $4 a piece

and a lonely cupcake to the right haha. Pretty freakin’ sweet!


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2 responses to “What A Fine Day

  1. We’ve done some geo-caching; Gabe was pretty into it for a while. It it fun, but works better with a handheld GPS since often the location of the box is given in GPS coordinates. We went for a nice hike Saturday with some friends, and actually warmer winter days are nice for hiking too- no bugs! Plus if the sun is out its a great way to combat winter depression.

  2. It was really nice here on Saturday too and we went for a short little jaunt around the neighborhood – good to know about the GPS for geo-caching; it’s definitely something I’d like to try.

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