My “Go To” Scone Recipe

While I have a few different scone recipes, I always seem to return to this one from Two Peas & Their Pod as a base for any scone variation I make. It’s a cream scone dough which is definitely my favorite after trying a couple other versions (buttermilk etc). The other ones are great and all, but I keep coming back to this one!

Today after realizing I pretty much stocked up on strawberries a bit too much (had one pack from last week’s grocery shopping then picked up two more today on sale), I was contemplating a recipe to use up a decent amount of them. Scones were the first thing that came to mind. They come together fairly quickly, don’t require a laundry list of strange ingredients and can be made with minimal dirtying of dishes. You can substitute pretty much any fruit, especially stone fruit, add chopped up chocolate, spices etc. (I made a cranberry white chocolate batch last week, pumpkin a few weeks ago …) You can eat them on the run which is a big selling point for me, or sit down and enjoy them with your coffee or tea. They are flexible and I enjoy flexibility in my kitchen! 

Oh, and those scratch Chocolate Cupcakes I started the other night? I have found a “go to” Chocolate Cupcake recipe as well, thanks to Beantown Baker. I was lazy and didn’t have any cream cheese so instead of cream cheese frosting, I put together more of an icing using confectioners’ sugar, a bit of milk and raspberry preserves. Dunked them and left them in the fridge to set up. Yum!!!




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