I titled this ‘Potpourri’ since I’m going to be bouncing here there and everywhere in this post!

#1 – January Birchbox. Much more enthused this month! You can see here what I received. The makeup remover pad was excellent, wasn’t wild about the Aerie fragrance, and I love theBalm’s Mary Lou Manizer so I was happy to see their “Hot Mama!” in my box this month. The Embryollisse cream irritates my skin and flares up my rosacea which is unfortunate since I’ve heard such great things about it, and I haven’t had a chance to use the DDF Acne Treatment yet. 

#2 – Put together the batter for these just a few moments ago. It’s advised that the batter be refrigerated overnight or longer, but if the taste of the batter is any indication – these are gonna be some fine cupcakes! I think I’m going to do a cream cheese frosting on them, yum 🙂

#3 – Music. I haven’t always been appreciative of all genres. I had an screamo/emo phrase (Brand New, Dashboard Confessional, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday etc) in high school alongside metal/rock. Listened to a lot of Deftones, Korn, A Perfect Circle etc. Hated country. I like to think I have grown a lot in my music tastes; I still tend to stick to the alternative/rock type stuff, but I do have a soft spot for country (thanks to working 2-3 years at a Subway that only played the local country station) and of course, I do love me some oldies and pop as well. I am really a fan of the local Providence, RI station WBRU 95.5. They are constantly playing new stuff and do a band contest every year. They also incorporate a lot of the old classics and stuff I listened to in high school. Below are a few of my new favorites I’ve been hearing lately!

  • Radioactive by Imagine Dragons (I like a few of their other songs as well)
  • Thrift Shop (feat.Wanz) by Ryan Lewis
  • Fitzpleasure by Alt-J
  • Trojans by Atlas Genius
  • Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood
  • Mountain Sound by Of Monsters and Men (they have another one I like too!)
  • Trojans by Atlas Genius
  • Up All Night by Alex Clare (cool reggae feel!)

Just to name a few. If I can put a finger on the common theme for my music tastes throughout my life, it’s that what I like always seems to have a little funky/fun/different edge to it. A different sounding instrument or effect, lyrics, a really different sounding vocalist or any combination of the aforementioned always seemed to hook me. WBRU is probably the station I listen to the most and I will be kinda bummed if/when we move out of range of it … good thing you can access them on-line!

PS – one of my favorite favorite favorite bands from my teenage/early adult years, The Deftones are making new music. The last CD I remember actually hearing from them, honestly, stunk. (that would be Saturday Night Wrist) I heard the new single from the newest album and I have new hope for them. White Pony and Around the Fur are my personal fave albums from them. Adrenaline was also really good, and I still listen to their B-Sides and Rarities frequently. The lead singer, Chino Moreno, had a side project a few years ago, Team Sleep that also turned out one solid CD that I still love as well. Ahhh, fond memories of teenage/early adulthood years! 

#4 – I was already pretty vocal about this on FaceBook but … Maybelline The Falsies, SUCKS! I know the idea is to look like you have thick, false lashes … but I just end up looking like a raccoon, and with spidery, thick, clumpy lashes. Oh well, back it will go. 

#5 – I think that wraps it up! Looking forward to a long weekend. Need to find an outfit for my bridal shower which is rapidly approaching … only something like 85 days to go until the big day, AHH!

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