Two New Wedding Day Make-up Products

This morning when I rolled out of bed, I swore the first thing I would do upon returning to our apartment was crawl back into it. How naive!

Do some of you have this problem? You long to crawl back into bed once you get home from work, crack open a book, sip away on a cup of tea, watch mindless TV… but then you find yourself doing the dishes, picking up milk and eggs at the store since there is one lonely egg left to bake a huge lemon pudding with, or better still – arguing with your spouse about what to get for take out for dinner. (We ended up settling on Domino’s which turned out pretty good!)

I have to boast, last night I made Edamame Fried Brown Rice and I was really pleased with myself, especially since I don’t technically have a wok so I really had to get a fire going under my regular skillet and luckily it all worked out. You can find the recipe here. I didn’t really follow the recipe completely, in fact I did three whole eggs since I hate wasting yolks/whites when a recipe calls for one but not the other. Great recipe though and highly adaptable! Want more edamame? Add more. Want to add sesame oil or other seasonings? Go on with yo’ bad self! (I know I did!)

But given that it is 9:38pm – I figured I may as well cross every gosh darn thing off my to do list (yes breaking my resolution of not sweating the small stuff!) but I am doing so in order to be able to relax the remainder of the weekend. Item # 5945845 to do : update the blog about two awesome finds this past week.

#1 – L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Blush in “Baby Blossom”


I am not a huge blush user (hello rosacea!) however with the impending nuptials – I have been told that even if you don’t normally wear it, you should so your face does not look like a washed out blob. I have a few cheapie blushes on hand, one NYC and one a MAC hand-me-down from my sister-in-law … used sparingly over my foundation and powder looked just OK but often brought me right back into super pink/borderline red rosacea outbreak so I strayed away from blush period.

This blush is great because you have the advantage of being able to choose a “cooler” or “warmer” tone. I definitely fall into the “cool” skin tone category, and at $9.89 at Target with a $2 off coupon, and using my Target RedCard to get another 5% off,  I was sold. It gives just the right amount of flush without looking clownish and does not have any of those OBNOXIOUS SPARKLY BITS IN IT. I don’t have a particular makeup brand that I gravitate to but this blush was very nice quality and has encouraged me to check out the L’Oreal brand more (which leads me to my second find)

#2 – L’Oreal Paris Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation in Natural Ivory


I picked this up at Walgreen’s half price to the tune of $8. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that this means they are starting to discontinue it. Now, I’ve sung the praises of my Dr. Jart BB Cream that I use pretty much daily but I’ve had it confirmed that any skin product with SPF in it, makes you photograph either super light or super dark and I’ve done some checks of my own with a camera. So now I’ve been on the hunt for a great foundation product with NO SPF in it, which is harder to find than you might think. I bought the L’Oreal product on a whim and figured I’d return it if it didn’t work out. Well it worked great.

It gives a nice air-brushed look to the skin and photographs great, and has awesome coverage. The only complaint I have so far is that after I apply it, my forehead gets a little dry/flaky. Set it with a little powder and it lasts ALL DAY with barely any “touching up”.

So there ya have it! Two great new products (hope I can find a dupe for the foundation since it’s becoming difficult to find … )

PS – BirchBox arrived today. Much happier with this month! Tune in soon for details 🙂

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