Resolutions (A Little Late!)

1.) Be even more thrifty. I scored 5 like-new tops, all brand names, plus a new Corningware tart dish and a cute little birdie design tea cup for approx. $25 at my local Salvation Army. I follow a woman who has a blog that does all refashions of unique thrift store finds and although I am not a born seamstress, the simple stuff like fixing zippers, taking in seams and the like are something I think I could learn to do. I love a good bargain and I love saving money – the shirts I found at Salvy’s all were in perfect condition so it’s not even like I will always have to whip out my needle and thread.

I very rarely buy something right off the rack. I will plot and wait until it goes on sale or pops up on the clearance rack. Target and JCP are some of my fave places just to poke around and see what I find. Well I’m adding thrift stores and consignment shops to that short list!

This also applies to our weekly menus and dining out. I’ve been trying to plan consistently healthy but cost effective meals week to week because it really allows us to stretch our money. We don’t eat out often, but enough that we could certainly cut back. I love to cook and so does Sig-O so we are going to embrace doing that more often. Normally we spend about $140 each week on groceries but lately we’ve been able to consistently spend around $100 each week instead and still eat really well.

I’ve also done some research into where our money is going in the form of bills. I found out that we can cut $30 off our cable bill each month by simply getting rid of the On Demand feature (which allows us to watch TV series/movies/rent new movies etc) but we barely use it so, buh bye! I also found out I can get a 15% discount on my cell phone by showing them my pay stub since I technically work for a state organization. These don’t seem like a lot but after a few months they will really add up. Sig-O and I are also huge coffee drinkers, so we both agreed to cut down drastically on our Dunks and Honey Dew consumption.

2.) Try not to sweat the small stuff. With planning a wedding, going back for a Master’s Degree and having a full time career, the past few months have been a little strenuous at times. I’m a big believer in to do lists and I’ve always been a good time management person but August-present has definitely tested my limits. One big thing I have learned is to let the small things go. Figure out what is really important, accomplish those, and take a breather/some me time. I need to keep practicing the mentality that taking a little time for me, or a little time for Sig-O and I is probably the best thing I can do for myself. Things will get done, things will still get accomplished. If the dishes sit in the sink a few extra days, nothing bad is gonna happen 🙂

3.) Try to make some new friends. I’ve got QUALITY on my side, being that I’ve had one best friend since 6th grade and one since 8th grade. I also have some great work friends that don’t drive me bananas but I guess I’d like to branch out a little bit more. We don’t have to be best buddies but being that both my besties are out of state, it would be nice to have a friend or two nearby to go get coffee with etc.

4.) This one is kinda minor but continue my habit of eating healthy and being active. I’m trying to get out of the mindset that if I don’t physically go to the gym then I am slacking.  I do a lot of yoga and pilates at home, and generally do most of my weights at home as well. I really only hit the gym for the treadmill or elliptical. I am getting to the point in my life that I feel like a hamster on a wheel in a cage at the gym. The weather is colder and icier now so outdoors isn’t prime either, but as it gets warmer, I’d like to pick up where I left off in the fall, walking the neighborhood or going for a jaunt on the bike with Sig-O.

As for eating healthy, try to eat more fish. And not just sushi. Cooked fish has never appealed to me but I keep hearing that it is very good for you so I am trying to cultivate a taste for it. I am breaking into some new food items, like edamame. I have been buying it by the bag, popping it in the oven with some seasoning and olive oil and letting it toast up and eating it like popcorn. I kid you not, it is really good!


So there you have it! I’m anxiously awaiting my January BirchBox; hoping it’s not a flop like last month’s … also have picked up a few make-up scores that I will detail in a future post 🙂


PS- I’d like to travel more, even if it’s just day trips within New England or weekend trips in the car or on the train (since we all know I loathe the plane).


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2 responses to “Resolutions (A Little Late!)

  1. As an adult, I’ve had a terrible time making new friends. And I think it’s because we are all busy. In my head I think, yes I want to meet and hang out with new people, but on the other hand I think- but I have Gabe and spending time with him is also important. It’s definitely a catch-22 at this point.

  2. I agree- it is very difficult to make adult friends! I feel the same, it’s a battle between wanting to spend time with the significant other but also being able to get out and meet new people, or dare I say it – an appropriate couple to go out with here and there.

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