There are a few websites I frequent – most of them listed on the left hand side of this blog. Pinterest is one of them. I can sit for a solid hour just looking at pins. I’ve found some of my favorite new recipes via Pinterest – and have begun using it to catalog pieces of clothing and accessories that I would like to add to my real life closet (or at least remarkably similar budget pieces/DIY projects!) 

As many of you (all 3 of you that read this) may know – I have a wedding coming up. (crickets) That was kind of a joke. Har har har. I’m a sharer, I think pretty much anybody that has known me for all of 5 minutes knows I’m getting married. I’m not the type of person to throw such information in your face, but I have the tendency to mention pretty much anything going on in my life at that moment that is pertinent (i.e. I forgot my purse at home, saw the cutest dress somewhere, overdrafted my checking account and the like)

Anyhoo – with such an event, there are lots of other events leading up to the big day; bridal shower, bachelorette, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. This requires some outfits and by outfits I mean DAYUM I LOVE WHAT SHE IS WEARING kind of inner monologue going on in the minds of people that see me. I strive for this on a daily basis with work and whatnot but sometimes with everything else going on, I can look a little thrown together. What I am trying to say in my typical long winded way (hey there is a reason I am a speech therapist – what can I say, I like to talk!) is that I need to start putting together some nice outfits for these festivities!

Enter Pinterest. Namely my “Items To Complete My Closet” and “Everything But Clothing” boards. I can now easily “pin” things that I see on REAL shopping websites to these boards and keep tabs on them. (some of my favorites are JCP, Kohls and Macy’s, provided they are having a sale/I have coupons of some sort)

Did I mention I am very frugal? Sometimes if I am jones-ing to shop for a particular item, I’ll go check Salvation Army first to see if I can find something similar. Or I wait until a sale, or until I have an incredible coupon to go shopping. Some people have accused me of being cheap. Cheap has a very negative connotation. I prefer frugal. Or budget conscious. Money minded. The list goes on. 

Feel free to check out my boards 🙂 There is a very cute rainbow colored shirtdress at Macy’s that I am lusting after however it is $109 which is super steep for me…I’ll stalk it until it goes on sale. 


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2 responses to “Pinterest

  1. Someone needs to start a Pinterest Addicts Anonymous. I’ll be the President. Sometimes, an hour will have gone by and I have no idea how! i have found some really great things on there though. I made a couple of Christmas gifts from things I found on there, and they were well received.

  2. I’ll be Treasurer! I agree, I have found a lot of useful stuff on there!

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