Happy New Year! (excuse the semi long post)

Apologies for lack of blogging. Got caught up in all the holiday festivities!!! Feel like I blinked and now it is 2013 officially. Just about 100 days to me and Sig-O’s BIG DAY! (COMMENCE INNER WAIL OF ‘OH SHIT’-NESS) Well not about getting married to Sig-O frankly, just all the nitty gritty coming up.

This month’s wedding to do list is really about making sure I am on top of all the vendors – contacted the reverend of the church, the lady covering all the linens/chair covers, caterer, florist what have you. Most of the decorations and ‘putting shit together’ is done, now we are coming to the more painful part – coughing up some cash! I must say though, we have done fairly well with our budget – I am guestimating that our final cost will be in the neighborhood of $6-8,000 which compared with the national average of well over $30,000 makes me feel really good about myself for pulling off a more traditional wedding with special touches without feeling disgusting about the spending done all for one day.

One day. That’s all it is folks. It will be a lovely day I’m sure but let’s face it – IT IS JUST ONE DAY. What will we have after the day? 


Memories and photographs. Keepsakes. That’s really what matters. I am really looking forward to it, and all the hubbub of a shower and rehearsal and din din! 


Hokay so wedding update covered. Cooking update? This past month’s notable recipes include:

  • banana whoopie pies with cream cheese filling
  • a bang up, somewhat healthified buffalo chicken dip
  • lemon pudding (made about 5x; me ingesting it all by myself about 3x…I’m not sorry!)
  • Candy Cane Joe Joe Cake (essentially peppermint oreos from Trader Joe’s layered with whipped cream and left to soften in the fridge for a day and a half, definitely worth a repeat, especially since I got 2-3 boxes for Christmas that I don’t need staring me in the face)
  • buttermilk pie, a Sig-O favorite
  • pumpkin scones (I am becoming a scone master!)
  • patty melts (heaven in burger form)
  • sriracha cucumber BLT’s (could live on these!)

There are probably more, especially of the lunch/dinner variety but they aren’t quite springing to mind at the moment. Been munching on salad (of course with some form of meat over the top since a salad alone does NOT a meal make) to try and make up for gorging a bit over the holidays … dress fitting is imminent. SO SO glad I chose to buy a couple seasons’ old dress that is 2-3 sizes too large for me, rather than deal with stressing about fitting into a particular size. 



BirchBox update. December was lackluster!!! Eye gels NOT IMPRESSED, Per-Fekt Lash Gel NOT IMPRESSED (left more smudges under my eye than my normal mascara and I never put anything on my lower lashes anyways), Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo – was very nice actually and a Juicy Couture perfume that was surprisingly lovely. Best part was a pack of 4 tea bags, but not good enough to buy the regular size package. Hopefully January brings a better box, I really loved November’s. Maybe they are going on an alternating month system of GREAT BOX – LACKLUSTER BOX … ? 😛 

Speaking of beauty et cetera … I am doing my own makeup for our blessed nuptials. No need to look like a drag queen on my wedding day. They say you should go a little heavier handed than you normally would, for the sake of pictures – that I can manage. Hair is being done by a professional. Growing out hair so the poor woman has something to work with. Resisting the urge to chop my extremely longer than normal hair off. Told Sig-O it’s getting chopped post haste after the wedding. 


Anyhoo – 2012 was full of ups and downs. Getting married and all those festivities bode well for 2013! Looking forward to sharing time with friends and family. 

Oh – and go visit my bestie at her new blog


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2 responses to “Happy New Year! (excuse the semi long post)

  1. 😀 Why can’t I make links look that that? I couldn’t find an option to turn the hyperlink to text. Don’t I sound like an old lady? I’ve been seeking out new food blogs lately because I’m so bored with our repertoire lately, and I actually found a few healthy ones. We’re totally loving the quinoa these days, its a nice alternative to jasmine rice (which I love too).
    Can’t believe how fast time is flying!!!

  2. lol it’s up the top – it’s the little pic that looks like chainlinks, you just click that, put in the URL and then the text you want it to appear as. no worries, took me a while to figure it out to be honest!!!

    I like budgetbytes.blogspot.com a lot since she always keeps budget in mind but her stuff is realistically healthy (aka it’s not all rabbit food!) the plain quinoa is very expensive and I can’t seem to find anywhere that has it cheaper so we buy the little box ones from the same brand as rice pilaf etc and I just season it myself rather than use the seasoning packet.

    I know I am trying to keep tabs on everything and trying to sit down with a ton of people before I go back to school on 1/23 but it’s not shaping up. Oh well, I just keep telling myself, it will all come together. If people want to get paid they know how to find me!

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