so close…

One final project down…one final project with lots of surprise assignments and add ons, TO GO. 

Starting working on homemade Christmas gifts, and a few stocking stuffers. Sig-O and I decided to go small this year, buying only items that can fit in our stockings. I’ve already picked him up a few winners for his 🙂 Thinking about doing a batch of salt dough ornaments or those brown cinnamon ones. They are both easy to make and easy to doll up and personalize. Contemplating making a batch of refrigerator cookies and stashing that to use on a little something for  people at work, the mailman, etc … 

I saw over at a friend’s blog that Target is featuring Neiman Marcus, starting this weekend. I had seen commercials about it, but never felt I needed to scope it out on the website etc, the previews and all. Well thanks to Heather over at Keeping Up With The Giffords, it is WELL worth checking out 🙂 There is a picture of some leopard mules that I may need to get my hands on.


Been baking my little heart out when the mood strikes. I got a new pan (white Corningware-ish 1.5 quart small covered dish) courtesy of a sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond – that I thought would be perfect for my great aunt’s recipe for lemon pudding. Light airy bisque-like topping with a saucy lemony sauce to spoon with it. Yum. It was all of $4.99 so I picked up a square 9×9 too since my glass 8×8 went missing after I brought it to a cookout. Baker/cook gripe: I could not find a GLASS/PYREX 8×8 or 9×9 for the life of me in that store! Had to go with the metal type one instead. I much prefer glass type ones, bwaap bwap bwaaaaaaaaaap. That white dish is going to get a whole lot of use, already planning to do another lemon pudding this weekend. 


Side note – in my search for such a dish on the BB&B website, I did happen to notice SOMEBODY bought ONE THING off our REGISTRY. Wicked lame but I got so excited. 

I think I have finally slowed down on cosmetic purchases. I’ve got a good routine down, both skincare and makeup wise, and I am satisfied with all products that I have. If not, I chuck them or pass them onto people that will better serve them (that includes you, beautiful in the package but horrifically 80s blue eye shadow ). Finally, at nearly 27 I feel confident in my makeup/skincare routine … and the clothes/accessories end of everything has come a long long way as well. Shoes however were never an issue for me 🙂


TTFN, ta ta for now!

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