Cake For Breakfast!

Hurricane Sandy did not do us too badly – got a few days off of work but lucked out, just a lot of wind and rain. We do have friends and acquaintances in the New Jersey and metropolitan New York areas that are experiencing a lot of SUCKDOM right now. Thinking of them and hoping things get better ASAP. 

We went cake tasting today and boy, was it everything I thought it would be and MORE. We are getting a small top cake in one flavor and then two different flavors of cupcakes for guests etc, and it is all coming from a local dairy farm which I am pretty excited about. We tried about 6-8 different kinds of cake, frostings and fillings. Hard decisions were made! We also took home some goodies from the bakery there, a bismark for Sig-O’s mom, an eclair for my mom, an almond paste cookie for me and a canoli (sp?) for Sig-O. We’re making some food and headed over to Sig-O’s sister and brother-in-laws’ for some tv/movies this evening which will be nice. So all in all a nice Saturday!

So I have revamped my make-up routine, with some help from BirchBox. I ordered the Dr.Jart BB Cream and absolutely love it. I use some Maybelline FIT ME powder in the lightest shade over that and some NYC brand rosy blush. I do a pretty neutral eye (usually some neutral powder or cream shadows and then brown or black liner and mascara) and have been embracing a bright lip, which I never thought I would do. Below is a photo of some of the shades that I use.



A lot huh! Sorry for the poor quality photo – asking Santa for a digital camera this Christmas 🙂

From L-R we have, two Colour Riche Lip Balms, one in a berry and another in a rosy pink. Provide very little color, almost unnoticeable but give nice sheen and just a touch of color. After that are the Revlon Lip Butters which I am a huge fan of. Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Pie and Cotton Candy. Great color, texture, can be layered with the Colour Riche Balms as well. In the front in the little black tubes are the Wet’nWild matte lipsticks I have been raving about – a little drying but applied with a balm, great staying power! Behind them are the Revlon Kissable Lip Stains, Sweetheart, Precious and Smitten – a crayon pretty much, again great coverage, great staying power and can be layered with other products! The one laying down is a cheapie NYC lip gloss, not great staying power but a nice winey color. 

So there you have it! I also have a coupon for $4 off any CoverGirl eye products … thinking of snapping up one of their new mascaras and an eyeliner. 

Enjoy your weekends!



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