Preparing for Sandy

We have plenty of food/non-perishables, our freezer and fridge are set to lowest temp in case we do lose power, plenty of water, and plenty of things to do! I have 3 books I haven’t started yet, some cleaning I wouldn’t mind catching up on, and some schoolwork reading/assignments I could work on. Work has been cancelled for me tomorrow, Sig-O still has to report to his job but I think he will end up getting sent home.

We are expecting heavy rain and winds, probably lots of lines and tree branches/limbs down, power outages, but nothing severe. We are New Englanders after all! But it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Our cars are gassed up, storm windows down etc. We are lucky in that we have natural gas for heat and hot water so even if the power goes out, we can still shower, wash dishes, turn on the heat, cook etc. Although on the emergency broadcast from Governor Deval Patrick, he did mention that if flooding/water gets into gas lines, they will be turning them off, so we could end up SOL as well. In which case, we’d probably head to friends nearby or to Sig-O’s mom’s house.

Another thing I would like to try and catch up on is getting more specific pictures of some of the products I am loving and adding them into the posts that don’t have any or a poor picture… so for the handful that read this and are dying for better product pics – I will be adding them!

Stay safe!


P.S. – making these!


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