October BirchBox/Target Haul

So I had the option to choose between my regular BirchBox or a “goop” one. Had no idea what this “goop” was about. Googled it. Turns out it is a creation from Gwyneth Paltrow. No thanks, sticking to my usual box. In hindsight, debating whether I should have sprung for “goop”.

My box consisted of the following –

  • Benta Berry, G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream (straight from France!)
  • LiQWd – SILK Professional Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • LiQWd – The Perfect Wave
  • Mox Botanicals- Pomegranate and Fig Lip Butter
  • theBalm Cosmetics- Mary Lou Manizer
  • tili – Bags

Bummed that there was no fragrance sample this month. The Mox Botanicals lip butter is for sure a winner, I already use it daily. The hair products I could honestly care less about, too much conditioner weighs my super fine hair down, tempted to try the texturizer one but not expecting much not because the product will fail, but my hair just doesn’t do squat. Mary Lou Manizer looks like it will leave me too shimmery. Benta Berry Moisturizer is intriguing and the tili bag ? Meh. Can’t knock the products for sure until I try them however.


I do have three products to rave about however. One I found at Target last week during my hunt for wedding makeup. I’d heard good things about ELF’s Eye Primer, and for a buck I figured, how bad could it be? I have a Benefit eye primer sample from my sister in law who used to work for them, never works, eyeshadow creases really bad and it travels off the lid sometimes. ELF beats it, HANDS DOWN. Sometimes cheaper truly is BETTER! Also – at my Target haul, I picked up a few eyeshadow brushes of theirs. Very happy with them!

Also…Wet ‘n Wild. My go to if I want to experiment with something without breaking the bank too much. Yes I am aware I am super cheap. I’m always hunting for a good lipstick, particularly red since I like the whole classic pin up look. WnW has a line of lipsticks with matte finishes. Red is hard for me because I already have a somewhat rosy complexion so I can’t really go fire engine red, but any red I’ve tried for years just isn’t quite right. Bought Cherry Bomb for $1.99. Swiped straight on, way too powerful, HOWEVER blotted with a finger from the tube and with a little lip balm or gloss on top, makes a really nice classic looking MATTE red pout! Winner winner chicken dinner!

Third product – NYC’s Quick Dry Polishes, $1.99. I had a brown I wasn’t wild about months ago and chucked it because it required too many coats for a solid color. Revisited them a month or so ago with a nice Kelly green which worked great, two coats tops and dries super quick. Picked up a nice deep navy color yesterday alongside their matte top coat (Essie rip off woo hoo!) Can’t wait to try it out. May I also add, a quick dry top coat does wonders. I picked up one on sale from Revlon (BOGO 50%) and I refuse to do my toes or fingers without it.


So what else did I pick up at my Target venture last week? Well, a very nice neutral trifecta of eyeshadow, some ELF brushes, the aforementioned ELF eye primer, a L’oreal nude lipstick that I still need to experiment with, a Revlon mascara (still need to find a good waterproof one, striking out with several already! help!) and I bought blush for the first time EVER. Being so naturally rosy (thanks rosacea!) I never thought to pick up blush … however when I do my whole “face”, the redness is mostly cancelled out so I wanted to make sure I am adding back in color to my face. Just a little does it but it really has made a difference in my makeup. I bought a NYC one, in a dusky rose color. Pleased with all products!

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