Short/Long Update

Breakneck speed update because we are on our way out the door to Sig-O’s uncle’s place up in lovely Maine for the weekend. We are becoming quite the weekend travel warriors!

– Went to upstate NY last weekend to see Trista of Becoming A Domestic Goddess … was a WONDERFUL weekend and I am so glad her and her husband live a good deal closer to us, much more manageable drive! Got sent home with her applesauce and Earl Grey Peach Jam…heavenly! Reminder – I need her recipe for White Pizza! Un-freakin-believable! Was just nice to spend some quality face time together 🙂

– As I said, headed to Limerick, Maine this evening. Gonna stop and get a big fat steak and cheese sub on the ride up… been craving it ALL WEEK…a little too excited for it but hey, I do love me some food porn!

September BirchBox update: (since my October one JUST arrived…exciting!) 

  • …ColorClub nail polish SUCKS THE BIG ONE. Did it last night after waiting for literally weeks to have the time to do it…two coats and still streaky as all fuck and just a yuck looking color. Didn’t even bother snapping a pic because I was so agitated at what a waste of time it was! Totally shitcanning it ASAP.
  • …I absolutely LOVED the kate spade Twirl perfume. Planning on purchasing the rollerball ASAP.
  • … Jouer Matte Moisture Tint – feeling meh about it. Originally loved it, but tended to be kinda drying. 
  • …Vasanti Face Rejuvenator. I was skeptical because I was afraid it would make me look more red, but it actually was very gentle. I like it a lot, and the sample is a decent size so I can continue to use it a bit more.
  • …LOVED the nail polish remover pad. One pad took care of all ten fingers with a nice light orangey scent afterwards.
  • …tea was nice, nothing wild about it though.
  • Never used the Madewell giftie … oh well!


What else… oh I am totally buying the Dr.Jart BB Cream from my August box. I didn’t love it the first time I used it but the more I use it, the better it gets. It’s sold out on the BirchBox website though booo hiss – of course once I get a 20% coupon, they are sold out. The DDF Brightening Cleanser (also August box) I am still loving, and still not through the sample since it was such a decent size!


What else…oh I have a ton of reading going on right now, besides my text books. More on those next week, as well as my recent Target haul (variety of products for wedding make up, tried to buy more reasonable alternatives but still follow the tutorial I found…only wedding makeup one that looked like I’d look like myself and not some clown!) Still a few products I may pick up, Touche Eclat being one of them. Thoughts?


Link for “the natural bride” demo/tutorial


Okay folks- rambly update done! 


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2 responses to “Short/Long Update

  1. tristakellman <— Pizza.

    Glad you had fun, and I hope Maine was a blast too! Still no BirchBox subscription yet :/

  2. Yum! Thanks for the recipe. We had a great time, I really like us being within a 3 hour drive of each other 🙂 Maine was great too – glad we are home, apparently they just had a decent sized earthquake. Ken’s uncle is right near the epicenter, he’s fine but said it felt like a plane hit the cabin. Yikes!

    Ugh BirchBox…It does take a while for them to get to you, must be a really big demand! Be patient…it is so worth it! I have a mini list of things I want to buy in the regular sizes!

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