Saturday Happenings


One of the contestants at the Chili Chowdah Festival we attended today. Great way to draw in people; shame their chili was quite lackluster!


Ballots cast! You are required to vote for one individual chowdah and chili, and one restaurant chowdah and chili. Chowdah judgement was left to Sig-O since I don’t really do chowdah unless it’s the red broth kind and even then I just kinda tolerate it. I discussed with Sig-O that next year, they should add another category; best biscuit/cornbread because a ton of people had that with their entry which I feel just brings the whole experience to another level! One guy had lousy chili but his jalapeno cheddar biscuit was the bomb! He deserves some recognition!

Needless to say, we had a lovely day! Perfect weather to suck down some hot soups; chilly and drizzly today. I came home with an agenda: condense my candles down into a couple layered ones (there are many instructional websites on how to do this) and to bake my little heart out and use up some of our apples. Mission accomplished!



It was pretty easy! Now instead of having 4-5 clunkers, they got condensed into 2-3 mini jars, which I categorized by scent. My two Christmas-y scents went in one, and the Raspberry Lemonade into another, which I will add my Island Coconut into at a later date.



In the cake pan: French Apple Rum Cake (has a great rum kick to it!)

In the muffin tin: Cinnamon Apple Yogurt Muffins

I didn’t intend on making muffins, but I had a lot of leftover apple post cake and couldn’t bring myself to throw them out or let them brown overnight in the fridge (yes I know the lemon juice trick but was unfortunately without a lemon)

Sig-O and I are planning on registering tomorrow, at BB&B and Kohls. Drop me a comment about any kitchen gadgets I should add to my list! (Yes I have a list…) We are also looking at a limo, which I was totally against but my future mother in law has offered to pay for it so as much as I would like to argue the point…it’s moot. 


TTFN , ta ta for now!

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