It’s official…

Fall is officially here! (First Day of Autumn 9/22) and the weather has cooperated for the most part. What made it really official, first of all, was going apple picking with Sig-O and his mom the other day. We went to the same orchard as last year; where we went with his parents. It brought back memories, but in a good way. One of my favorite pictures from that day is below.


Sig- O’s mom looks mildly ok with being there, I look f*cking THRILLED, and Sig-O’s father is looking at me with the “I don’t know what the f*ck you’re so happy about” face. It was a yucky day, but a day that all of us remember fondly.

This past weekend brought nice chilly temps and lots of sunshine! As soon as we parked, we got in line for their apple cider doughnuts (on my to do list of recipes to find and carry out), then we took the short little tractor ride out to the orchard.


I believe we got some McIntosh, Cortland, Mutsu, Gala, maybe some Macouns ? They were all delicious, between the three of us we picked a 1/2 bushel, then got home and split them between our household and Sig-O’s mom’s house. I already used a few to make this lovely baked good below.


My first Apple Crisp of the season! It came out perfect!!! Hurray!

September BirchBox Update

– I love the Kate Spade fragrance! I may invest in the rollerball version of it.

– The nail polish remover was amazing … one pad completely took the polish off my toenails and left a very nice orangey scent rather than the nasty old nail polish remover stink.

– the tea is pretty good; not my all time fave but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it if I ran into it again haha!

– the nail polish has been on my list to try for a solid week now, hoping to get in a DIY mani/pedi this weekend sometime


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