Outstanding In The Field

There are a number of blogs I follow, with a variety of themes. The most common one, first and foremost, is food. I follow a blog called Beantown Baker who, as you may well have guessed, follows a woman who lives in Boston and happens to bake/cook a lot. It’s fantastic blog and I highly recommend it, she gives reviews of local (well local to me anyways) Boston restaurants, recipes and the like. She writes for Yankee/Cooking New England, which is another fantastic website and Yankee Magazine was a staple that my mom kept in the house growing up.

That being said – Beantown Baker posted recently about an excursion her and her hubby went on. It is an American and International Tour of farm to table dinners called “Outstanding In The Field”. You get a tour of said farm, then sit down with a bajillion other people at a wicked long table for an evening of delicious food. Reading her post, I said to myself, “SELF! Sig-O and I should go!!!” So I poked around the website, the FAQ, looking for how to sign up. All the local dates are sold out, but I was definitely thinking we would totally do this next year!

That is, until I found out how much it cost … $180 PER PERSON. That pretty much took the wind out of my sails. Phenomenal idea, if you have the ability to fork out $360 per couple. Unfortunately, we certainly don’t. I suppose we could budget for it but …

That’s my gripe with the whole eating healthy thing in general … this country makes healthy, decent food pricier than their crappy-for-you counterparts. Now Sig-O and I like to think we do pretty good grocery shopping each week, and with respect to what we eat, I think we do pretty well. We don’t buy organic produce unless it is the same price as regular, or only slightly more expensive. We try to incorporate whole wheat, multi-grain options into our pasta and breads. We try to buy local as much as possible with respect to food and other products. We quit Smart Balance and all that crap because I started reading/ Trista over at Becoming a Domestic Goddess told me, that your body can’t process it and it’s better to just have straight up butter or natural oils. No argument here -thankyouverymuch!

I am loathe to start couponing to be honest – the whole process drives me buggy. But with food costs, heck ALL COSTS, on the rise … eek.

Onto other topics – here are a few photos of our hike in the Blue Hills yesterday. We took the Red Dot Trail, not particularly long (only took us just over an hour round trip with a stop at the observatory) but plenty of rocks and things to get around/over on the way up. Definitely felt like we accomplished something! Upon closer inspection, I think next time we will try one of their shorter Skyline Trails – which range between 4-7 hours apparently. It was the perfect day for it!


looking towards Boston


I also got my September Birchbox – but I’ll post that separately 🙂

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