Weekend; Time to breathe!

It seems like I am getting into the swing of work and going back to school pretty seamlessly…not to toot my own horn but beep beep ? 

I got back into the habit of carrying a planner around with me so everything, work, school, life, wedding stuff, whatever – goes in that planner that I can access at any time, and everything is in one place. Spare time at work and nothing really to do? Whip out the planner and see what wedding and/or school stuff I can accomplish. So far, so good!

Doing a big push of a variety of wedding stuff this weekend; making calls about cake and dresses, checking out a limo place in person, finishing my birdie cake toppers, and a whole lot of other kinda nitty gritty stuff – in addition to our normal weekend chores of laundry and food shopping. I love crossing things off a to do list, the only thing I may love more is crossing things off my wedding to do list! 

We are also planning to go out hiking tomorrow at the Blue Hills in Canton. I’ve been there plenty of times growing up, and it’s a fairly accessible and not overly difficult hike to a lovely observatory that looks over to Boston. We made a pact that we are going to get out more and do things, even if they don’t feel far away, it is still a good thing to get out and about. 

Baking exploits on my to do list this weekend : 

Peach Cake With Honey Cognac Glaze

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies


Off to enjoy one of those Whipped Cream Vodka Chocolate Milk Frothy things … aka dessert 🙂 Happy weekend!!!

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