If you can’t figure out what to do with your Whipped Cream Vodka…

Sig-O and I bought a huge thing of Whipped Cream Vodka on a whim A WHILE AGO … needless to say, it was a one time experience with orange soda and we haven’t touched much since. It sits in our freezer, looking lonely and ill used.

Came home today with the urge to have an adult beverage. Not a bad day, just ya know how sometimes you are just in the MOOD to have an adult beverage ? … Right! 

To have yourself a little piece of heaven, mix together the following in whatever increments blow your skirt up – 

some Whipped Cream Vodka

some milk

some Bolthouse Mocha Cappuchino stuff (found in the produce section, usually with the POM juices etc.) 

Don’t forget to throw in a few ice cubes! 

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