Two Good Reads

I’m constantly trying to get in more reading time – which will probably go out the window with classes looming next week but oh well. I have two good reads that I want to highly recommend to the Internet community aka all 2.5 of you that read this thing 😛

#1 is called “If It Were Easy, They’d Call The Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon” – by Jenna McCarthy. At first glance at my local library, I mistook it for being written by Jenny McCarthy. Aha – nope, not one in the same. This girl however, writes in a laugh out loud funny way and genuinely seems to understand what it means to co-habitate FOREVER with the same man. I half expected it to be man-bashing, which sometimes she does but she also owns her own crap too. Good timing for a read like this, with a wedding on the horizon and yes, moments where I would like to strangle Sig-O (I know he has moments like that too towards me, it’s all good). A good read, I plan on checking out some of her other titles after I finish this one. (Only 2 chapters in and I’m singing her praises)


#2 is “Mad Women” by Jane Maas. Only a 2 week loaner, I breezed through it within a few days. Not quite fluff reading, but not quite in depth so much – a perfect read for a weeknight before bed. I’m already a huge fan of the show Mad Men, so this caught my eye and I had to check it out. It’s an honest account of being a working woman, mother and wife in the advertising field during the 60s and 70s. I guess Peggy’s character on Mad Men is LOOSELY based on Jane Maas. She validates a lot of what goes on during the show Mad Men and also debriefs us on what they missed or didn’t quite capture. A great read!


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