Birch Box Part Deux


Let’s face it – not the best picture ever, but thar she blows! My August Birch Box. The theme was “back to school” which I thought was pretty cute. Product brand and name below as well as what I thought of it.

Dr. Jart +, Waterfuse BB Cream (a high end BB cream to try woop woop!)

I have to say, this stuff is what I expected a BB cream to be – simple, packs a punch with SPF and lots of good for your skin junk, and easy to apply. It did feel a little greasy throughout the day but nothing I couldn’t tolerate – I went over it in the AM with a translucent powder to matte it out a bit which helped. I suspect I may need to invest in a skin primer to decrease the greasy happenings since it happens with pretty much any foundation type product I put on my face. Suggestions for a primer welcome!

DDF, Brightening Cleanser

I have used this a few times so far since I got it, especially because it wasn’t a teeny tiny sample, the bottle itself is about 3 inches high and at least 2 inches wide. My only concern with this product is that is does contain an alpha hydroxy acid (hence the brightening, it’s taking off a lot of dead skin I suppose) and it warns to use a sunscreen concurrently when using this product. Since my everyday routine includes a moisturizer that has SPF 15 in it, I think I’m good! I like the feel of this product, I have to admit it smells a little funky once it’s on, but by that time you are about to rinse it off so no biggie. 

Juicy Couture, Viva la Juicy La Fleur

Gave this a test run yesterday for my first day of work – I liked it right after it went on, but it only lasted maybe an hour or so and was completely gone, even when I smelled my wrist. Definitely would not invest in a normal bottle but hey, this is the beauty of the Birch Box. I already plan on picking up Chanel Eau Fraiche and Chanel Eau Tendre provided I can find them in a set, very soon. Kind of like a back to school present!

LiQWd, Professional Volumizing Catalyst 

This is one of the products that I am most excited about. Admittedly, have not tried it yet but with my hair constantly being flat and limp, this may help a lot. I am leaving my hair long, and continuing to grow it to the best of my ability for the wedding next year – this product MAY reduce my urges to chop my hair off. We will see.

LaraBar. Uber

I got a mini of the Apple Turnover variety. Only a few bites, but I liked it! 


So there you have it! Confession: I never made the Honey Beer Bread from my post the other day, and just have not had the oomph to try it yet. I want to make another batch of scones as well, so perhaps tomorrow after work I will bang out both and bring the fruits of my labor to my lovely co-workers. TTFN, ta ta for now 🙂

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