We are currently packing up for a weekend trip to upstate NY, to celebrate my best friend Trista and her husband Gabe’s elopement last summer, as well as their bachelor’s degrees – which they received in the spring. Well, Sig-O is running out to get coffee and as soon as I finish this post, I am going to attack the apartment and make sure it is clean and orderly, then pack before my mom comes to get us and bring us to the rental car place. 

I don’t know about you, but I like coming home to a clean apartment so I felt the need last night to clean the bathroom, sweep and mop both the kitchen and bathroom, and beg Sig-O to finish the dishes before we leave. We also cleaned out my car a bit too. We are going to pack a cooler with snacks and water so we hopefully cut down on the pit stops we make on our way out there. 


I am pleased to inform you, my first attempt at a little birdie cake topper was a bit Frankenstein-ish. Cute nonetheless, but we do have a little Frank on our hands. Sig-O insists on keeping him on his bureau which I think is very endearing 🙂 I started birdies #2 and #3 – same pattern, different fabric and doodads, and I am very proud of myself. I generally don’t possess the wherewithal to sit and stitch away at something and problem solve when I hit a snag but these little birdies must be worth it in my mind to do so. I’ll snap a pic once I finish, promise! The birdies are traveling with us!


PS – my back windshield got fixed no problem, day after the whole hoopla happened. And we didn’t have to pay for it, huzzah!

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