Jane says, ” I’m done with Sergio!” …

So I found out this morning, the top speed I can go in my vehicle is about 30-35 mph before I fear that the garbage bag/duct tape job on my back windshield is gonna fly off. Had to bring Sig-O to work, picked up some more peaches and some items at the grocery store. Wanted to return cans and run a few other errands, but said eff it, I had better get back home to that public lot before it fills up again. 

And now I wait, for the glass man to cometh. They are still doing construction so the whole building is shaking like their is an earthquake going on…trying to be zen about it. I have Pandora going on the “Beck Station”. Gonna attempt either another batch of peach scones, or that peach galette. Also, those DIY Birdie Cake Toppers I mentioned yesterday that I never got going on – gonna get those going too 🙂 I raided the remnant bin over at Wal-mart yesterday, got some pins and wires for the little birdie feet and some tulle to make a veil. I’ll get a pic of the final product once I get there. 

And off I go…

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