So let’s try this again.

I was sitting here, all calm and happy, posting away, putting up pics. Then I get a knock on my door. Cop asks me if I have a blue car. No, but I do have a black one, a Cavalier. Proceeds to tell me I have no back window. I proceed to strip off my apron, fly out the door and leave my once beautiful peach galette in the oven, baking away.

Before –


After – womp womp wommmmmppppp


While I was dealing with the fact that my back window was completely fucking smashed, I forgot I had a baked good in the oven. Realized in mid-convo with the foreman, and took off in a sprint because goddamn, if I got my car fucked up and burnt the apartment down in one day, I probably would just craw in a hole and stay there. The cops were all super nice, all the workmen were nice and the foreman was constantly telling me how sorry he was and that the company would be taking care of all the damages. Music to my ears, because hey folks – I have bare bones coverage! I just rolled with it as much as possible because really, what am I gonna do? Stomp my feet and yell like a 3 year old ? They already told me they’d cover the damages, so all that was to be done was tape it up with some garbage bags and move it into the public lot that I had tried to park in all day today…but was jam packed. Oh well. The glass guy is supposed to come and fix it tomorrow. I’m more mad I burnt the shit out of that peach galette. So mad in fact, that I am planning on going out in a bit and picking up more peaches to do a second attempt tomorrow since I have to kick around here all day waiting for the glass guy. Mayhap I will reward him with some peach galette.

Poor widdle car. 😦









In brighter news, birdhouse painting yesterday went very well, as you can see by the picture below 🙂 I just love them all lined up like that!


Haven’t painted my nails and toes yet…but just for the hell of it, here is my skincare/makeup routine. I am very fair and prone to redness (Rosacea runs in my family), have light ash brown thin/fine hair, and green eyes.

In the shower, I use St.Ives Green Tea facial products, a scrub and a cleanser. I also have a Chamomile one from them that I really like. I use their body washes too. Let’s just say I am a big fan of St. Ives products!

After I shower in the morning, or just when I roll out of bed and put my eyeballs in (I usually shower at night unless I hit the gym in the AM) – I use a Walmart brand facial moisturizer, meant to brighten/smooth skin tone and texture, and has SPF 15 in it. Since using it, I have noticed a marked difference in my skin tone, texture and a reduction in redness.

I just recently changed up my makeup look. I used to focus more on the eyes, but I’m having fun mixing it up and focusing more on the lips. I use Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Powder, after I’ve touched up under my eyes, around my nose and sometimes the chin with a chubby concealer stick from NYC. Then I dust a little bronzer/highlighter from NYC, and if I feel like I still look too pale, a smidge of blush. Curl the eyelashes (new thing for me), line just the top lash line with an NYC dark brown eyeliner, hit the top lashes only with brownish black Revlon mascara, then finish it off with a lip product. As I’ve said before, I really like the Revlon Kissable Lipstains, but I picked up a few Lip Butters from them and those are great too. This whole, “putting on my face” takes me only about 15 minutes which years ago I would totally say screw it, but I am really happy with the result. I feel polished and put together, and I don’t necessarily follow the make-up routine EVERY day, sometimes it’s just moisturizer and some mascara and off I go.

Well, time to cook Sig-O and I some vittles, after all, it has been a hell of a day! (He had a rough day at work, I had a rough day at home.) Din din is chicken meatballs in sauce over whole wheat pasta. Probably a few slices of bread on the side too…and Ben & Jerry’s will definitely get pulled out later.

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