Sunday morning

Today Sig-O and I are headed out to cruise the local flea market. Our main purpose is to unload a lot of his old xBox games etc, because right now they are taking up space. I/we are constantly culling through what we have in this apartment, thinning out stuff and chucking or donating what we don’t need because after we get married, we plan on looking for a new apartment. The less crap I have to cull through at that time, the better! I like to keep tabs on what’s out there for apartments on Craigslist – I found 2-3 great options a few weeks ago, so good that we were considering packing up and giving our notice but…I can’t handle that on top of work and school and wedding. I know my limits. There will be other apartments.

Later on, we are getting together at Sig-O’s mom’s house, with his sister and brother in law, and my mom – to paint birdhouses for our centerpieces, and put a few other little bits and bobs together.

Tonight I plan on doing my own mani/pedi. I usually soak my feet in the tub in nice hot water with some epsom salts and apple cider vinegar. Once they’re nice and wrinkly – I scrub them with a brush and a little pumice thingy, then cover them in lotion and put socks on. Once they are all moisturized – I paint ’em up, then start working on the hands.  Looking forward to it 🙂

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  1. tristakellman

    “Sig-O”, haha. I love it. 🙂

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