A little background before I delve into today’s post:

I work in special education, and working in education affords me nice little vacation breaks, those Monday holidays that give me three day weekends, and the biggest thrill of all – the whole summer off. I feel like it gives me a chance to unwind, take a mental breather and basically detach myself from the professional part of my brain. I tend to work part time over the summer at the camp our program offers, or doing some Early Intervention visits – but the pace is much slower and calmer in comparison to a school year. This past school year was a mess, to put it bluntly. Scheduling chaos, staffing issues, you name it – it probably happened. In addition to that, there was a lot going on outside of work, some positive (Sig-O and I getting engaged), some not (his father passed away, my grandmother passed away etc).

I return to work 8/27, so I have about a week to myself before I dive back into the routine, then a week or so later, take on two graduate level courses – and continue to plan a wedding. It all seems very daunting, and I have been in a funk about it for the past 24ish hours. I continue to tell myself when I feel overwhelmed, that one is only engaged and planning a wedding once, so I should enjoy it. Originally, I was supposed to scale back my hours a bit at work to allow me more time to focus on going back to school but unforeseen circumstances have bumped me back to full time. Full time means more money though, so I can’t complain. 


During some retail therapy today (the best kind of therapy), I thought to myself – I have overcome a lot in my life, accomplished a lot, and this is not the first time I’ve felt overwhelmed. I have a lot going for me … so godamnit, time to put on the big girl panties and roll with it! Last year was a bust, this year will be the best! I will take on work, school and wedding hoopla and be fabulous while doing it! No more schlumpy clothing, no “no time for myself” crapola! Part of doing my best will be, simply, being my best and looking my best, inside and out. 

That being said, I spent more than my normal frugal self would on a shopping outing. Still got some great deals, but I didn’t nickle and dime myself, and I didn’t guilt myself into putting things back on the rack that looked good.


Here is what I got: (all appropriate work attire, or outside of work)

2 Pairs of the “Crosby Street” Pant from NY&CO (one pair black, one pair in the light grey) 

2 pairs of earrings (BOGO 50% @ NY&CO, so new couldn’t find them on the website sorry! Pics later.)

1 necklace, had my eye on it for a while! NY&CO Redline, $4.99, pic later.

Peter Pan Collar shirt from JCP 

Draped Shoulder blouse from JCP

1 tote bag @ JCP, bird print (could become my new pocketbook, it’s that cute! Pic later.)

1 pair of earrings @ JCP (pic later.)


I am a big supporter of low maintenance, and classic looks when it comes to clothing and make-up. I love the show Mad Men, and draw a lot of inspiration from that time period. Funny enough, the 60s are making a big come back in the form of Peter Pan collars and peplum-style blouses and dresses. Being 5’9″ and a size 12-14, depending on the store, I tend to pick up classic pieces and bulk up on accessories in the form of shoes, jewelry, scarves etc. I try to stay away from the current trends, and if I do feel the urge to pick things up, I try to limit it to a few pieces from more inexpensive sources like h&m and JCP. Sig-O calls me the accessory queen!


In future posts, I will give you a run down of my simplified make-up routine, as well as my weekly at home mani/pedi. Half the reason I want to post about it, is because I am just proud that I actually have a routine now! 


Oh! And for those of you who were on edge about the trick to getting your lips nice and smooth…take equal parts honey and brown sugar, mix, then rub the paste on your lips gently. Rinse. The brown sugar acts as an exfoliant, buffing away bits of dry lip skin, and the honey soaks in leaving them nice and soft. 

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