holy thunder and lightning Batman!

First off, today would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday, so bon anniversaire to her! She is one of my cooking icons.

Second, I need to get a new camera. That last pic of the lipstains was taken on my phone – I had a beautiful Nikon a few years ago that got stolen when I went to an event at Fenway with a student. Gonna start pricing out cameras, because with all the festivities coming up, holidays, my bridal shower, wedding hoopla – I want to have a good camera to capture it all.  Plus, my betrothed and I rarely take pictures of ourselves anymore which bums me out a bit.

Third, it is raining, lightning and thundering like a sonofagun out there. We’ve had our fair share of decent thunderstorms over the summer, including one where I had to get my significant other (Sig-O for future reference) from work in the midst of all three aforementioned, plus hail…and almost flooded out our car trying to get back home – the same thing happened the other day trying to get to a party at a friends, we had to drag our butts home because we barely got out of our town before roads became impassible.  (just got a Weatherbug alert on my phone, for areal flooding and flash flooding,  good thing I don’t have to head out for a bit!)

Fourth – are you ready for a budget friendly product? I always am.  I came across this one at my local Rite Aid, I normally am strictly a Walgreens girl when it comes to drugstores but this particular Rite Aid has saved my butt on several occasions where I forgot to pick up such and such, and the like. Saved Sig-O’s butt quite a few times as well!

The product is called Wet ‘n Wild Salon Megalast Nail Color. They are $1.99, but the more important thing, is that while they are $1.99, they generally only require ONE COAT of polish which is a boon to me, since I can’t sit still especially when I am trying to do my nails/toes. One coat makes it exponentially easier to accomplish 🙂  They come in a wide range of colors, funky to demure, and so far I have 4. I plan on picking up a few more (I tossed a few older, barely used bottles to make myself feel better about picking up a few more, more on my system later).

  so far I have Disturbia (gothy purple), Wet Cement (literally looks like the color of Wet Cement), Bite the Bullet (purply-mauve) and I Need A Refresh-mint (Robin’s Egg Blue).  I have a few of the Sinful brand ones, that are also $1.99 but I don’t think they provide as good a coverage. Wet ‘n Wild is my go to brand if I want to just try something out and see if I like it (ie. bright red lipstick – results were no way) and don’t want to spend a lot.

TTFN – ta ta for now!

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